The Nicest Guy in America

The Nicest Guy in America, another winning novel in Angela Benson’s delightful Sweet Passion series, takes a light-hearted but thoughtful look at what men and women really want in relationships.

Do women really want a nice guy?  Computer security specialist Reggie Stevens doesn’t think so.  He’s a nice guy who’s been dumped by several women and each woman left him for a man who treated her badly.   Do men really want a good woman?  Reporter Kimberla Washington doesn’t think so.  Her experience tells her that men really want a clone of the swimsuit models featured in Jet magazine.  Kimberla and Reggie find their beliefs and their hearts on a collision course when Kimberla’s magazine sponsors a Nicest Guy in America contest and Reggie finds himself as one of the finalists.


The Nicest Guy in America

eBook and newly released Print versions available.  Buy the print edition and get the eBook for $1.99 at Amazon.

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