USA Today Reviews Delilah’s Daughters

delilahsdaughters_v4_s260x420Good news!  Michelle Monkou‘s review of Delilah’s Daughters is up on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog. 

“Reading Delilah’s Daughters, I came away with the warm coziness of faith, family and fresh starts. Definite book-club recommend.” – Michelle Monkou, USA Today

The full review is below the interview with Suzanne Brockmann.  Read and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “USA Today Reviews Delilah’s Daughters

  1. I finished reading it to day and I loved it. It makes you realize that as long as you have God, your family, and love, you can do anything. It really touches the heart in many ways. The love between the sisters is something that I wish I had with mine. A very good book.

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