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The Amen SistersI just found out that The Amen Sisters hit #10 on the Essence list of Best-selling Hardcover Fiction Books for February 2006. The Top 10 Books are posted on while only the Top 5 are published in the magazine.

This is the first time one of my books has made this list so I’m feeling especially blessed. What a wonderful way to end the week! My heartfelt thanks to each of the readers who purchased The Amen Sisters and gave it the numbers to make the list. Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Bestseller News from Essence!

  1. Angela, that is WONDERFUL!!!! Let’s go out and celebrate!!! Tell me what restaurant you’re going to, and I’ll go to the same one at the same time in MY city!! 🙂 🙂 Congratulations!! You know it was my purchase that made it reach the Top Ten level!!! 🙂 I am SO happy for you!!!! Don’t forget me when you blow UP UP UP!!!!

  2. That is fabulous Angela. I have the book on my shelf. I haven’t had a change to read it yet due to grad school studies and having had a beautiful baby boy just 2 months ago, but I’ll definitely get to it next week and give a review on Amazon. Congrats you deserve it!

  3. Thanks, Denise!

    Rhonda, you have the best gift of all. Congratulations on the wonderful new baby.

    Geigh, you’d betta get a grip. 🙂 I like that “big grip” phrase. Don’t be surprised if you see it in a book.

  4. Oh…no problem you can use it…for 98% of your royalties!! 🙂 Awwww, you know how to use the smileys now! Yaaaay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh by the way, I went to this REALLY BIG bookstore at the Concord Mills Outlet in Concord, NC and one pattern that I’m discovering is that when books are listed as Christian fiction, there aren’t any by African American authors. So sad. But Angela, they DID have YOUR book in there!! I was so shocked!!! They had it between Christian Living and Christian Fiction. We’re getting there!!! I think AA Christian authors would have more exposure if their books were properly categories, and not just listed under fiction, as in the bigger-chain bookstores. And Denise–YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE AMEN SISTERS!! I’ll probably end up reading it again, which I rarely do with fiction books!

  5. Mrs. Benson,
    I really love your book The Amen Sisters. The only thing about the book I didn’t like is the part where you got [spoiler] engaged to each other. I really thought that it should be [spoiler] being engaged. The book is really good and I’m looking forward to reading all of your books.

  6. Marilynn and Claudia, I’ll look to see you on the list, too!

    Mary, I ask that you think about the ending again. What did the character really want throughout the entire book? What did she get? If you’ll think about it, she got exactly what she wanted. It just didn’t come in the way that you expected it.

    Okay, off to bed now.

  7. Thanks for the congrats, Shelia, and thanks even more for continuing to read my books. It’s always good to hear from people who’ve been with me a while. Have a great day!

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