Bucket Madea

I saw two movies this week. I went to the theatre to see Tyler Perry’s  and I watched  on cable On Demand.

Madea Goes to Jail

You know, I enjoyed it.  I laughed out a loud a lot and I teared up a few times.  Still, I was peeved with Tyler. Sometimes I feel he needs a woman to read his scripts to add a woman’s perspective.  He has this perception of women, especially career woman, that I think is one-dimensional.  For example, I thought the female ADA in this movie had a legitimate beef with her fiance and the way he was acting.  Unfortunately, Tyler seemed to give short shrift to her concerns.  Doing so, in my opinion, made her a one-dimensional character.  I still enjoyed the movie but I was sorta letdown that he didn’t do better by the career woman.

NOTE: The link and image are to the DVD of the stage play, not the movie.  The movie is not out on DVD yet.

The Bucket List

I enjoyed this movie as well but when it ended I felt something was missing.  I have no idea what was missing, but I felt something was. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it to end.  Anyway, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman had great chemistry and were a joy to watch.  They should do something else together.

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  1. Haven’t seen Madea, but I’ve heard good things. I think Perry makes this mistake with most of his movies. Too many characters to flesh out issues completely. The only two movies he’s done this in successfully were Why Did I Get Married and Meet the Browns.

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