Cautious Women, Tempting Men

Cautious Women, Tempting Men is the name for the contemporary romance series featuring e-book versions my older Arabesque titles.  Each of the stories in Cautious Women, Tempting Men feature an accomplished woman who is ready and able to handle any challenge that life sends her way until she meets an equally accomplished man who engages her in a battle for her heart.  The first three books in the series are the novella, Friend and Lover, and the full-length novels, The Nicest Guy in America and The Way HomeBands of Gold, For All Time, and Between the Lines, coming this summer, will complete the series.

In Friend and Lover, Reed Lewis thinks his best friend, Paige Thomas, is engaged to the wrong man, so he (with a little help from his grandmother) devises a holiday ruse to make her see things his way.

In The Nicest Guy in America, reporter Kimberla Washington must find the winner of her magazine’s Nicest Guy in America contest.  Computer specialist Reggie Williams fits the bill but he’s more interested in Kimberla than any contest.

In The Way Home, attorney Marlena Rhodes returns to the hometown where she was never considered good enough for the only boy she ever loved, Winston Taylor. Will the class bigotry and family secrets that kept them apart as teenagers destroy their second chance for a future together?

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