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It’s been a bit longer than I expected for this post, but here I am. My goal is post once a week until life settles down and I can post more frequently. So look for a weekly post. Let’s start with another update, this one with the details that you all requested. If you see some names here, they’re comments to folks who posted under the previous post, Still Alive!

The move. The move is now complete. My old house is on the market in Illinois and I’m a renting a house in Alabama. I ask that you all pray for me that the old house sells fairly soon since it ‘s pretty expensive to maintain two households. As for the new house, I’m all settled in, including my office. I like the new place a lot. It’s a bit smaller than my previous house, so I was forced to get rid of stuff. The good news: I needed to get rid of it anyway.

Are any of you pack rats like me? If so, I encourage you to do a bit of cleaning and make a few runs to the Salvation Army to share your unneeded bounty with others. I did, and it was a good feeling. I also got rid of a lot of books. I have to do this ocassionally to make sure there’s room for the new books. I always take my discards to the local library, where they are much appreciated.

Gabrielle, I moved moved back South because my roots are here. Maybe it’s my age. It’s as though the pull became greater for me in these last years to be somewhere that I considered home. This past weekend I drove to Atlanta to see a great-aunt who was visiting from New York. I drove over Saturday and came back home on Sunday. While there, I had a chance to visit with other relatives as well. It’s so nice to be able to do that and it’s something I would not have been able to do had I still been living in Illinois. I’m sure blacksunshine knows all about that since she recently moved from IL back down south. Vyta, who’s also considering a move, may join us in the South. Be sure to let us know what you decide, Vyta.

The new job. I’m settling into the new job. I really like my new colleagues and the general atmosphere of the College. My old work environment was very collegial and I’m pleased to say it’s going to be that way here at the new job as well. I’m teaching two courses this semester and I’m really looking forward to meeting my students. My office is almost together, but not quite. I think it’s going to take a while. To be honest, I’m not really motivated to do a lot since we’re moving to a newly renovated buliding in January.

The eating healthy plan. (Thanks for asking, Patricia. ) I’m happy that some of you reported good success with your health plans. I’m sorry to have to report that I don’t have a good story. I haven’t done a thing–no excerise, no keeping up with the First Place bible study, no Curves, no anything. In fact, I’ve gained a few pounds. YIKES. So I have to get started. My goal for this week is to transfer my Curves membership to a local Curves and to call a woman who’s hosted First Place bible studies to see if they’re planning any others. Those two are pretty easy goals, I know, but I have to start somewhere.

The new book. Don’t ask; pray. It’s good to hear that Xenia’s writing up a storm though. You go, girl, and congrats on the book. Tell us about it or give us a link to your site so we can read about it.

Spam. Thanks to Ty and Dee for the suggestions on getting rid of Spam in the blog. I’m pleased to report that we’ve wrested power away from the spammers! Sigrun, SpamKarma rates the spam factor of each posting and if it’s above a certain number, the post is listed in the possible spam listing and it doesn’t clutter up the list of good postings/comments. So far, I really like it.

Engagements! Hey, there must be something in the water ‘cos y’all are definitely getting engaged up in here! Geigh and blacksunshine (well, sorta) lead the pack. Congrats, sisters! Geigh, give a sister a phone call; we need to chat. Blacksunshine, keep on looking up, sister, you’re moving in the right direction.

Reading. It’s good to hear that many of you (yes, you, Patricia) are reading because I’m not. Sy, I haven’t read your book yet, but I’ll put it on my list. In fact, I haven’t really read much fiction since doing the Bible in 90 Days activity. It doesn’t have the same feel as it once did. I want to blog about that, but now’s not the time; maybe next week. Why don’t some of you tell us what you’re reading? It might give me the needed jump to get started again.

You know, I haven’t read much nonfiction either. My brother is on this “get your finances in order” kick these days so he’s encouraged me to read a couple of books on that. He’s turned into a big budgeter and now he’s trying to turn me into one. According to him and the books he’s reading, the Bible spends more time talking about handling money than it does talking about faith. (I hope I got that right). Anyway, I know I could use some discipline in this area so I’m going to try the books. I’ll have to tell you the titles later. I’ll also make sure I got the percentages right.

E-mail. You won’t be suprised to know that I still have issues with my email. My SPAM problem still exists, but I’ve complicated things by changing to a new email program. I’m using Mozilla Thunderbird now instead of AOL Communicator. I found out that AOL no longer supports the product so I figured I’d better change. Well, the problem is that I haven’t figured out how to import my old mail from Communicator into Thunderbird AND I don’t have the Communicator program running on my new computer. So, if you’ve sent me e-mail during the Summer while I’ve been trying to move, don’t hate me if I haven’t responded; it just means you were lost in switch. I do apologize. I spent some time this past week cathing up on e-mail but I’m sure there are some messages in Communicator that are unanswered. I’ll spend some time this weekend seeing if there is a way to get those messages into Thunderbird.

I guess that it’s for tonight. Have a blessed week. I’ll talk to you soon.

5 thoughts on “Checking In!

  1. MAN it was so GREAT getting this blog entry!!! I have missed you posting to the website!!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for catching us up on what’s been going on with you. I’m believing God with you that that house in IL will sell quickly. Keep me posted on that!

    I’m excited about weighing myself at the first of the month. I believe by then I will have reached my first weight goal. I started this new program at the gym called CrossFit. It’s a very intense workout, and you see results really, really quick. High intensity, high repitition, but after I’m able to find oxygen again, I really enjoy how I feel after the workouts. It’s the same program that’s used to train the Navy Seals, the Marine Corps, the police and fire departments. If anyone is interested, check out I’m seeing quicker results from these workouts than I have with any other that I’ve ever done. It feels great to be on the road to a healthier me. I feel better than ever and seeing results just motivates me to keep on keeping on. Consistency is the key. Angela now that you’re getting more settled, I know you will get back to a fitness regimine. I literally have to make my workouts an appointment on my calendar and if someone asks me to do something during those times, I just tell them I already have a scheduled appointment. If I didn’t do that, something would always come up and I would never make it to the gym.

    Regarding your next book, Angela, your sister is praying for you. I’m ready for your “defining moment Part II”!! πŸ™‚ You’re one of the best writers I know.

    I feel your brother on the finances. For about an entire year, I read everything I could on the subject. I got tired of being a statistic in that area of my life. David Bach and Dave Ramsey are my favorite authors on the subject. David Ramsey’s book Financial Peace is really good and Bach’s book Smart Women Finish Rich is GREAT! He also has one called Start Late Finish Rich. Those two books were major wake-up calls for me….for real. I changed that way I was doing ALOT of stuff after reading those books. They don’t cost that much either when you order through Amazon or eBay.

    Angela, I’ve got to call you. I’ve been kinda psychotic with the engagement. Sometimes, it takes certain circumstances to arise in our lives to show us that there is still residue left of things we thought were no longer a part of us. I have learned so much about myself these past few months.

    It’s so funny. I spend time with God in prayer, in reading His Word, reading other Christian books and you feel so strong spiritually……but when LIFE comes at you and you have to apply what you have learned—that’s the REAL test. It’s not what you know….it how you USE what you know. I’ve looked back on how I’ve handled some things and I’m like “Geigh, what’s the use of spending all of this time praying and studying and reading, when the first time something happens you flip and forget everything you know?” That’s crazy! So God kinda has me in a season of silence now….it’s different, but I’m learning just how powerful silence can be.

    Angela, I’m in the same boat with you as far as reading fiction. Something happened to me after I read the Bible in 90 days. Something changed. I believe it was a good change, but my preference for reading has really shifted this season. I joined a book club my sister started and we’re reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Even though it’s a great book, I’m reading it more for leisure than for purpose. Even when I read Christian fiction before, I learned something from the books I read. It’s strange and hard to explain, but maybe you feel me.

    I’ve also been praying for a female mentor. I think it’s so important to have someone in your life that’s older and wiser to give you insight, widsom, advice and just a shoulder to cry on if that’s what you need. I’ve always had that, until about a year ago. I know it’s also Biblical. I LOVE seeking the wisdom of older godly women and learning how their generation did things. I lost my grandmother last year (she was 95) and I believe that has left a very big void in my life, which is probably why I’m praying and asking God for another mentor. Please be in agreement with me about that.

    Well, I’ve written a book now. Angela, it’s so great to hear from you. I have really, really missed you!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I didn’t realize how hooked on your blog I was!!! It’s part of my self-therapy! Hee hee!

    I’ll call this week!! Peace and love to a sistah.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I am in the process of reading Cane River by Lalita Tademy. My friend Valencia has been trying to get me to read this for some time now. I can say that I am definitely enjoying it.

  3. Menotrs, Geigh, I like the idea. Keep us posted on the search. I need that accountability and I’m thinking of joining of small group Bible study.

    Vyta, I have Cane River, but I haven’t read it. I find the length a bit daunting.


  4. Great to “catch up” with you Angela, although I missed this posting. Have to review my blogmail setup.

    Glad the move went well and the new job is good.

    Weight loss remains an issue for me but I keep trying. Geigh–that Crossfit thing looks good but alas, is not in my area. “Elite” fitness? I’ll settle for “basic” fitness.

  5. Congratulations on “getting” Tyler Perry, your new job and the third printing of Amen Sisters! Since I was transferred to a library, I recommend it all the time. I try to turn folks on to you that had not read you.

    Please check out my new website.

    Since you are going to be here in next week I wondered what your plans are after the book signing. Maybe we can go to lunch or dinner. I will see you there OK?

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