Contest Winners for Friday, July 18

Drum roll, please! The winners of the Another Book Giveaway contest for the the week ending Friday, July 18, are Rhonda McKnight and Jeanette Wallington. Congratulations, Ladies! Please send me mailing addresses so that I can get your books out.

Rhonda and Jeannette, I can’t believe you two won. I almost did a re-drawing (smile). Just so you know this doesn’t let either of you off the hook for buying a book when I see you in Atlanta (Rhonda) or Indiana (Jeannette). You’ll just have to buy one for a friend. I’ll make sure to bring you a special addition to go along with it. You’ll have to wait until we meet to find out what it is.

Don’t forget that the contest starts anew today. Next Friday I will give away two more books to folks to comment on blog posts between now and then.

I also gave an unplanned prize today. I got my 200th friend over at so I gave a free book to that lucky friend.

NOTE: For those of you wondering how I picked the winners, I used a the random number generator at All you do is enter the number of entrants (A) and how many winners you want to pick (B). The program then spits out (B) random numbers. I had 33 entries this week from which to pick two winners. The random number generator spit out 30 and 7 so I picked the 30th comment and the 7th comment as winners.

It’s raining books! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Contest Winners for Friday, July 18

  1. Sorry I didn’t win this week but there’s always next week (smile).

    I wonder what I can use ‘the randomizer’ for since my website is not ready?

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