Convention Time: San Antonio

I spent the days leading up to the Fourth in San Antonio, TX for a day-job-related convention. I found pictures of a few of the sites we saw (between conference sessions) in Wikimedia Commons so I thought I’d share them you.

The River Walk

San Antonio is a lovely old city. The thriving River Walk is a major tourist attraction. I’m sure the only locals down there were working. Anyway, from the picture you can see that the River Walk is a below street level, open-air area littered with shops and restaurants. What you can’t see is that it’s about 21 blocks around and is shaped like a horseshoe with a "T" on top.

You can take a barge tour, which we didn’t do, and ride the entire distance. We walked it instead, getting lost a couple of times in the process. You can see more pictures here or read more about the history here .

Tower of the Americas

I guess every major city in the world has something similar to San Antonio’s Tower of the Americas . For about $10/person, you get to see a 4D theatre presentation on the history of San Antonio (3D/4D glasses and

all) and a 750 ft. ride up the elevator to the Observation Deck . For some extra cash, to the tune of about $40/person, you can eat at the Chart House Restaurant a level below the Observation Deck. The Chart House has a revolving floor, so you slowly go around the Tower as you eat. If you want to keep your money in your pocket, you can grab a snack at the snack shop on the Observation Deck or get something light at another snack shop on the ground floor. We tried the one on the lower level and tasted (but chose not to buy) "Dippin’ Dots ," which was called the "ice cream of the future."

Though the trip to San Antonio was more work than play, I did enjoy myself. I’d been there a few times before but never stayed on the River Walk as I did this time. That made the biggest difference since I was able to step out of my hotel and right onto the River Walk and everything that it accesses, including the Convention Center.

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