Countdown to The Amen Sisters!

Good news!  The official release date for the trade paperback edition of The Amen Sisters is November 19th, but it is on sale at today. 

In preparation for the November 19th date, I’ve been doing a bit of updating to the web site.  There are a couple of features that I want you to see. 

You have to take a look at The Amen Diaries.  This is a very special page where I share some of the notes you and others sent to me, or posted on the blog, after reading The Amen Sisters.  My heart gets full everytime I read those notes. I’m overwhelmed at how God used something as simple as a book, this book, to touch so many lives in so many different ways.  So please view The Amen Diaries and be blessed. 

I have been fortunate to connect with some great publicty people and they’ve created a wonderful e-blast for The Amen Sisters.  You have to take a look at it HERE.  Do you think it’s gorgeous?  I loved the graphic so much that I’ve asked them to re-design my blog/website using those colors.

I have a lot more planned for November and December.  Here’s a partial list:

Book giveaway/contest, including a seat in my online writing seminar, starting November 19th

December Blog Tour

Ad and review in January issue Romantic Times Magazine, on stands in December

Stop by frequently during November and December so you don’t miss out on the fun!  You could be the next big winner!

3 thoughts on “Countdown to The Amen Sisters!

  1. Angela, I am SO EXCITED for you!! I’m going to check it out check. Now that I have the Internet at home again (yaaaaay!!), I’ll be checking out the website every week. God is truly blessing you!!!!!

    Everytime I get lazy with my writing, you inspire me to pick up that pen and keep on keeping on. Love ya!

  2. Fabulous Angela. I have the hardcover, but I’ll be sure to give a copy or two as Christmas gifts.

    I’d love to join the online writing class.

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