Figuring out Kings

Okay, I just watched the third episode of Kings and I think I have the major characters figured out.

King Silas is Saul

David Shepherd is David

Reverend Samuels is Samuel

I have to tell you that this show has me going to back to 1 and 2 Samuel to brush up on the story. The show is a modernization of the story of David so it takes some leeway. For example, there are some characters that I don’t remember from the Bible. I’ll keep you updated as I figure out who’s who and you can do the same for me. Show liberties aside, you can’t fault a show that sends you back to your Bible, now can you?

2 thoughts on “Figuring out Kings

  1. I caught the first two episodes online over the weekend. Captivating! My favorite new show!

    Don’t you like how David is a pianist, as we know he wrote the Psalms? What about those butterflies? That Jesse is David’s mother, not his father, as in the Scripture?

    The only thing off to me is that the King’s son, who in the Scriptures is Jonathan, isn’t close to David. He dislikes him from the beginning. In the Bible, it says Jonathan loved David.

  2. I totally missed the Jesse as mother, but that is so cool. So were the butterfiles!

    David playing the piano was great and I did make the Psalms connection.

    I’m with you on Jack. I keep looking for Jonathan and I don’t see how Jack can ever be morphed into him. Supposedly, a nephew is coming on board in a couple of weeks. Maybe he will take on the Jonathan role.

    There are strong women roles here that are not straight from the Bible — Silas’ wife and daughter and David’s mother. I’m enjoying them as well.

    Still, Rev. Samuels is the man.

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