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Telling the TaleI’ve been getting quite a few messages from new writers lately and I thought I’d make you all aware of the writing resources on this web site. If you look down the right panel, you’ll see a section with the heading Writing Resources with two links listed. The first link takes you to some my personal writing tips, which I encourage you to browse.

Also, if you’re in the NYC area on April 22, you might want to check out the Faith and Fiction Function being hosted by Kingdom Baptist Church in Yonkers, NY. I’ll be there, along with Tiffany Warren and LaTonya Mason. We’ll have a time of praise, prayer, fellowship and sharing what we know about publishing in the Christian fiction arena as well as in the general market.

Don’t forget the Faith Based Arts Conference. At lot of your favorite Chrsitian authors will be in attendance. I’m teaching a Writer’s Workshop. It’ll be a great time! Oh, yes, and for $75 you can get a professional critique of the synopsis and first chapter of your manuscript.

In the new few weeks, we’ll be wrapping up the Taking Back the Past series. Any ideas for publishing topics that we can tackle then?

5 thoughts on “For the Writer in You

  1. Let me plug Telling the Tale. It is a fabulous resource for writers. I read this book and finally, I mean finally completed a character sketch and synopsis for a novel. I couldn’t believe it. It was something I had been struggling with doing for 3 years. Honestly, you will not regret buying this book if you are a writer. Angela gives great examples of different types of stories. I believe there is a romance, a mystery and a general fiction. She also shows you how to do it, not just give those exploratory exercises like other writing books do.

  2. So basically, if we bought your book, we wouldn’t have to ask you all these questions, huh? 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey, I’m not that bad, Geigh. Give a sistah a break! Keep those questions coming. A new book may come out of them. :))

    For the record, Telling theTale is out-of-print, so the only copies available are used. I have listed some other books on the Tips for Writers page that you should check out.

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