Gustav – Hit or a miss?

Gustav hit, it just didn’t hit New Orleans.  This time Baton Rouge got most of the damage.  People evacuated New Orleans this time, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in trouble.  Ponder these questions:

Where would you go if you had to evacuate, pack up and leave your home?

Would you be able to afford the travel, housing and food costs associated with having to leave home for more than a week?

To be honest, I never really thought about these questions until I spoke with someone from Baton Rouge (hopefully she’ll be blogging about Gustav this week; her Internet service hasn’t been that reliable) and later got an update from someone in New Orleans who pointed me to this article (hopefully she’ll be blogging when she returns home)  — HERE

Just because Gustav wasn’t as devastating to as many people as Katrina was doesn’t mean it wasn’t devastating to those it did affect, including those in the Caribbean.  Let’s do what we can to help.

NOTE: Romance Pioneers will continue on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Gustav – Hit or a miss?

  1. I hate to say I have no set plans in place. If I had to evacuate my family would be a mess and probably would have nothing but the clothes on our backs with us.

    I also don’t have the money it would take to support five people outside of our home for a week or more. Because three meals a day, hotel rooms, and gas prices. I see a big problem with that.

    I saw on the news the things that were going on for some families, it was sickening and sad. Pray all the people affected by Gustav or now Ike is safe and life return to as normal as it can without and harm.

  2. I have a half a plan and sad to say, most of it is in my head. Not good. We did buy some extra dry goods this weekend, just in case, since we’re on the FL west coast.

    Always sad to hear about the toll severe weather has on people but it’s so much more poignant when I realize that someone I know has been affected.

  3. Interesting that you ask this question, Angela. When the people were evacuating from N.O. I thought about the fact that I don’t have a plan in place and I need to make one. I have plenty of places to go, but the money to live for a stretch..that’s where it gets hairy.

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