Well, it’s happened. The spammers have found this blog and have decided to camp out here. My mailbox is flooded with their comments. Fortunately, you don’t get to see them. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that other stuff in my mailbox gets lost in the clutter. I apologize to anyone who has written to me in the last few weeks. If you don’t hear from me today, please email me again. I’ve tried to sort through all the garbage, but I have no doubt that I missed something good in the process.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and a lot has happened. We had a tornado here and I lost my Internet connection for a few days, not to mention about half of my roof. This tornado marked the first time that I took refuge in the bathroom like you’re supposed to do. Before Katrina, I kept doing what I was doing, totally ignoring the danger. I’ve become a bit wiser since Katrina.

The day my Internet connection was restored I went on a weeklong trip and I’m just getting back to town. As you can imagine my mail (snail mail, this time) is calling my name. There’s a lot of it and almost none of it is SPAM so I have to wade through it.

I hope to be back blogging in the next few days. I ask that you pray for me as I’m making some major life decisions over this coming week. It’ll be good to know that you’re with me.

I pray that you and your families are well and enjoying Spring. I haven’t forgotten our Eat Healthy Challenge though I have been a bit distracted. Let me know how you’re doing with it. I could use the encouragement.


6 thoughts on “Hijacked!

  1. You’ll have to explain sometime how hijacking occurs in Cyberland. I’m sorry that you’re having such a hard time of it right now. I sure wouldn’t like to go through a tornado though we do have them here too–even in London, ON itself. One year we must have been hit just by a bit of one because some trees were bowled over and one fell on the neighbor’s house. Fortunately, our insurance, or somebody’s, covered their damage but nobody covered the $2000+ we had to pay to get the trees properly reshaped, cut down and the garbage and debris left by the storm (or whatever it was) removed from our garden and lawn. That was already after my father had died and my mother had to make all the decisions.

    I sure hope you have your roof back on at least. Was the week away for the Spelman Reunion? If so, I hope you had a wonderful time.

    I will certainly pray for you and the changes that may be effected by your decision. With God’s strength and your faith, I know you’ll make the one that is right for you and in sync with God’s plan for you.

    Please, also pray for me. I won’t mention any details right now: it would all be too complicated and you have to think about your own possible changes. As long as I know that you’re thinking of and praying for me from time to time, I feel supported. Thanks so much.

    God bless you richly. When you’re ready to report, please do let us know. Mine is ongoing and annoying litany of problems. Please pray that God might let me see them as positives.

    Hugs and prayers to you Angela.

  2. Just a note of encouragement! I’ve finally gotten to my mail after some time. I have my hands full with all of our new adoptees. You’ve met Endia, but we now have adopted her newest sibling and are in the final stages of adopting another baby. I noticed a weight challenge that you have posted from April; I pray that it is working for you. We’ve been on the healthy kick trying to eat more health foods since we learned that Ennis has prostate cancer. I have been able to manage with all of this; so this is the encouragement. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll continue to ask God’s blessing on you and yours and ask that you keep us in prayer as well.
    When will you be back in Michigan?

  3. i pray that God gives you the grace and the stamina that you need during this season of your life. Surely, he is doing some amazing things in and through the lives of those that want his will for their lives. I just began writing my first novel about a month and a half ago. even though this is my first novel, i have always had a passion for writing.
    i broke my foot back in april of this year and have not been able to returen to work since then because of my occupation. so my days were spent reading , which happens to be another one of my passions. after reading nearly a dozen novels in a three weeks time, yes i was that bored, i grew weary. so i prayed and asked God, what it was that i could be doing with my time. then he reminded me of my passion for writing by dropping a plot in my spirit. so i immediately began writing. i only have about eigthy-three pages at the present time but am very excited about the possibilities.
    i have checked some of the websites on how to write a novel but was unable to find an answer to some of my questions. so hopefully, you can be of some assistance to me. when you use names of universities, restaurants or basic things like that, do you have to get permission to do that?
    could you please, when you get the time, please message me back. thank you and may the Father’s blessings and favor show up for you in ways that you have not yet expected.

  4. I hope that you recieved my thank you for the copy of Amen Sisters. I could not put that book down until it was finished. I read it in two days. I know may of my friends have purchased their own copy of Amen Sisters. I want to thank you again for your generousity.
    Congrats on the new job! I hope the move wasn’t hard for you. I’m know the students and the staff at the U of I will miss your contribution to the university.
    Are you still instructing or have gone in a different career direction? I’m still working as the night supervisor at the hospital here in town. I think I told you I had breast cancer, and my treatment was surgery and radiation. All is well, and I am doing fine. God is Good to Me!
    I’m waiting patiently for the next book. (smile)
    Minnie Topps has graduated from Millikin University, and she has a new career as a youth advocate. I am so happy for her.
    I hope your lifes journey will continue to be prosperous for you.
    Brenda Powell
    Decatur, IL

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