I love music!

Well, I’m more of TV person actually. I’m a Law and Order junkie (all versions, but the original is dearest to my heart) and I’m still recovering from the recently announced cancellation of The West Wing.

I think my preference for TV is a generational thing. A television is on in my house, almost all the time, and many times more than one is on. To make it even worse, sometimes they’re not even on the same channel. Yes, I have issues. πŸ™‚ Anyway, television doesn’t distract me; it’s very easy to tune out. Radio (listening to music, in general) is much different; it commands my attention. Since I’m a compulsive multi-tasker, I can’t do much listening to music.

But I do like music and I need to update my gospel collection. I’m serious when I say update. My collection consists of the likes of the Winans (they’re old now, but they used to be young :)), Bee Bee and CeCe, Keith Green and Amy Grant. Okay, I do have some Kirk Franklin, a Mary, Mary and a recent Donnie McClurkin. I bought Kanye but something tells me that’s not gospel.

Anyway, I need some help so I’m asking for recommendations. Tell me what you like and I’ll try it. I have a subscription to Rhapsody so I can easily try new artists before I buy.

Please help!

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  1. Hey Angela –
    LOL! No Kanye is definitely not gospel. Not yet anyway πŸ™‚
    You need to add Israel Houghton to your collection…..old or new CDs…you’ll love them all! By the way…congrats on Essence. You deserve it!

  2. Hi Angela,
    It’s the other Angela Benson. Remember me? I second Tia’s recommendation of Israel Houghton. Also check out Byron Cage. What do you like: choirs, solo acts … traditional, contemporary … what? Yolanda Adams is always excellent. Fred Hammonds is one of my faves. I saw Yolanda Adams and J. Moss in concert just last week. They called it a concert anyway; it was really church in the concert hall! I had heard only a couple of songs by J. Moss before then, but I was blessed and impressed by him, so I recommend him as well.

  3. Hellooooooooooooo Angela. I love TV too, but I’ve had to put myself on a “program limitation” b/c it was just gettin’ outta hand! So, every day I watch Good Times (4x a day)–one of my favorite shows. I watch A Different World and Living Single, and then 7th Heaven (only ten more episodes left πŸ™ ), Girlfriends and Half and Half. During reality season, I watch Survivor (yes!), America’s Next Top Model (vicarious living is what I call this) and American Idol (I’ve laughed harder in the last two weeks than I have since….since…..THE LAST AMERICAN IDOL!) If you like Law and Order, TNT is your channel. I call it the Law and Order channel, b/c everytime I turn to that station, that’s what’s on!

    Now for CDs, Tia, I couldn’t agree more–You HAVE to have Israel Houghton, but I wouldn’t recommend the last one he did in South Africa. Many of the songs are repeats, but you HAVE to get Another Level. I played that CD for an entire year and practically listened to nothing else. I actually forgot there were two CDs in the pack. I got hooked on the one that has “I Am a Friend of God”. The worship music is awesome.
    If you’re really into true worship and you’re looking for some music to help take you to the Holy of Holies, I STRONGLY recommend Terry MacAlmon, one of the best worship singers I know, and Vickie Yohe (her first CD) and Martha Munizzi. Kirk’s new CD Hero has a GREAT mix of comtemporary, praise and worship music.

    Kanya has me a little concerned with his Rolling Stone cover. He’s being portrayed as Jesus with the thorns and blood and everything. I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about Kanye right now.

    But let me know what you think about Israel!

  4. Israel Houghton, here I come! I’ll let you ladies know how I like him. I’m going to check out the other suggestions, too, but Israel is first. I’ll start with Another Level.

    Geigh, TNT, USA, and Bravo are L&O Central. Oh, yes, I’m very familiar with those channels.

    Tia, I’m just following in your footsteps, Ms. Bestseller.

    Angela, where was the Yolanda and J. Moss concert? I’ve never heard of J. Moss. I really do need to get out more.

  5. Angela, you’ll fall in love with the second CD of the set. I just know it! I can’t wait for you to hear it and tell me what you think!

  6. Angela,
    this is Terrance. I met you at your first book singing in Atlanta. (The book Bands of Gold). I’m a Katrina evacuee, so, I’m so far behind the music curve I think I was listening to Andre Crouch and the Disciples. (Smile) I like Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, even some Amy Grant. Check out Noel Pointer, former R&B violinist now christian violinist. Koinania, pronunced COIN-A-NEE-A. Awsome! Check it out for yourself.
    I’m working on something to read from my side of the house. A book of poems entitled “Fishin’ In The River of Thought,” by Tmg. Hope to share with you soon.
    I am in Houston right now making an attempt to put my life on course. So far God is breathing in the sails, so I’m on target.
    Thanks for all of your writing and your time.

  7. Hi again, Yolanda and J. Moss were in Huntsville AL on 17 January. You can check Yolanda’s web site http://www.yolandaadams.org for more tour dates. From what I’ve heard, J. Moss is big behind the scenes – I don’t know if he’s a producer or what – but this is his first CD as a solo performer. Slightly off the subject, two brothers called Nuttin But Stringz were the opening act at the concert. They are violinists (can you believe it???) and their web site says their music is “an intense blending of classical music, jazz, r&b, and yes, hip hop.” As strange as it may sound, they were EXCELLENT!!! I found out later they’ve done the day and night time talk show circuits, so maybe some of you TV watchers have seen them πŸ™‚ but this was my first time hearing of them. You *have* to check them out http://www.nuttinbutstringz.com. There’s an audio clip on the Media/Photo link.

  8. I’ve ordered Israel and Yolonda. I listened to both a bit before I ordered and they both had me in tears. Really touched me. Or maybe I just needed a good pouring out that way. Regardless, the music did its work.

  9. Angela, I’m so glad that what you’ve heard thus far has blessed you. When you get Israel, I suggest you setting aside some quiet time to listen to the entire SECOND CD. It will truly bless you. I can’t wait to hear from you after you’ve listened to it! πŸ™‚

  10. Okay Angela, I’ve been waiting. Have you gotten your CDs yet? I can’t wait to hear your response to Israel! πŸ™‚

  11. Geigh, I can’t make it past side one on Israel’s CD. I kept getting stuck on the first song. I’ve made it through once and now I’m playing song one over and over. I promise to get to the second CD this week. I’m loving it though.

  12. I’m SO glad to hear that!! Okay, if you think the FIRST CD is something, you’re going to fall out on the second one!!! The first song will grab you–I am a Friend of God…it’s one of the best CDs I’ve heard. Keep me posted!

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