Meet the Smartest People on the Web

I’m going to present, here and now, the list of the smartest people on the Internet. Here goes, in no particular order, because these people are just plain brilliant.

Carol Ann Culbert Johnson: Just check out her 2005 Top Ten Reads. You’ll have to scroll down a bit. Her list is on the right side, about halfway down the page.

Dee Stewart: Take a gander at her Gospel Fiction Top 10. Dee also has an interesting discussion of the term, gospel fiction. Let me know what you think.

If you’ve looked at the links above, you know that Dee and Carol Ann included The Amen Sisters in their 2005 Top 10 lists. This post is a special thanks to them for letting other readers know they enjoyed the story. So, Dee and Carol Ann, here’s a warm thanks from my heart to yours. May God grant you both the desires of your hearts in the new year.

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