N@50: Back from the Holidays

I hope you all had a blessed holiday season, enjoying your family and being thankful for what you have.

We spent Christmas with my mother in Atlanta. My cousin and her husband were also there. My mom wanted to prepare everything so nobody brought anything. And she prepared a feast. I would list everything she cooked but it would take the entire post. The preparation was her gift to us, she said, and you could tell how much she enjoyed doing it. My mom’s a young 72 and I thank God everyday for her good health and good spirits.

Given the state of the economy, most of our gifts this year were cash. It was very much appreciated. I just wish we had more to give.

George and I did exchange gifts. We went out on December 23rd and purchased them together. He got a GPS for the car and I got the iPhone (8 GB). He loves the GPS but the iPhone may be going back. The experience is not at all what I expected, though it was nice to return e-mails while sitting for an hour in traffic on Christmas Eve.

About that GPS. I learned early in my relationship with George that the old saying about men and directions was true, but this GPS has brought it home in a brand new way. Guess what? He debates the GPS. I couldn’t believe when he first did it. We decided to use it going out to dinner one night. Well, the GPS said the restaurant was on the right and he said it was on the left. I just looked at him. He was challenging “the lady,” which I how we refer to the GPS.

So now he has a GPS that he has to learn to trust. Men are too funny! My only comment during these GPS debates is “trust the lady” and then I shut up. Hey, if you’re not driving, there’s not too much you can say anyway.

I’d love to hear about your holidays. It’ll be a great way to start the year.

5 thoughts on “N@50: Back from the Holidays

  1. I love your Newlywed at 50 posts!

    My holdiays were great. On New Year’s Day I had family and firends over for dinner. Like your mom, I prepare everything myself. I always pick out new recipes from cookbooks, magazines or from watching the food network to try on the guest. This year it was Shrimp and gRits (the Neely’s), Stuffed Meatloaf (Giada), and acouple of internet desserts (Apple cake and lemon tarts). When we played scrabble SLAM!! I think wse made up our own rules, but that is what the Wallington’s do when playing games.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. You know what you know, and sometimes those GPS things–like Mapquest or Google Maps–are just not right. LOL!

    The holidays were peaceful. Time with family, time in worship.

  3. I have to agree with Patricia, sometimes they aren’t right. I had an experience at Slam when the Airport exit was blocked and the GPS refuse to believe we couldn’t turn right. LOL

    My hubby told me he didn’t need a GPS, I laughed because we both know he needs one. However I haven’t bought one yet because I know he will be arguing too.

    Happy New Year

  4. Jeanette and Beronda, I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. I really enjoy writing them.

    Sounds like you had a fun-filled holiday, Jeanette. I’ll have to learn to play Scrabble SLAM. Never heard of it.

    Patricia and LaShaunda, okay, you’re right. They can be wrong. But there’s something about him moving into the left lane when “the lady” is saying to turn right. By the way, the restaurant was on the right!

    There was this L&O episode where somebody programmed a guy’s GPS to get him to a deserted spot so he could be killed. Okay, let’s not think about that.

    LaShaunda, my brother’s GPS will tell him if he misses a turn. Ours just repositions and tells you what to do next. If you keep ignoring it, it’ll keep repositioning and giving you new directions.

    Beronda, I don’t envy you. The good news is that once that dossier is in, you can relax because there’s nothing else you can do. The thing that had me worried most were the outside letters. We had to get SIX of them! As long as you have rational folks in your department, you’ll be fine. I’ll say a prayer for your nerves.

    Happy New Year!

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