N@50: Give me my remote!

This is the second post in my Newlywed at 50 series. The topic is the television and its remote. In the years that I lived alone as an adult, I have always had several televisions. In my last house — 3 bedrooms — I had four televisions. Yes, that’s overkill, but they were my friends. I would have them all on at the same time, on different channels, too, and could easily tune them all out. I guess I had them on to keep the house from being so quiet.

Now fast forward to life as a married woman sharing a house with a man who has a totally different view of the television. First, my hubby doesn’t work in front of the television. When he has work to do, he goes to our home office. Now since I share that office with him, it does have a TV, but he doesn’t turn it on. Second, I do everything with the TV on. If I’m in the office working, the TV is on. But I’m rarely in the office working these days since I’ve gotten my MAC laptop. It’s the first laptop that I’ve actually used as a laptop. Now I do most of my work in the bedroom in front of the TV. Honestly, the TV doesn’t bother me. I can tune it out to the point that it’s a non-issue.

Or I thought I could. My dear hubby has changed my opinion. I can tune out the television unless you change the channel on me, which DH does often. This threw me at first. I didn’t really understand what was constantly breaking my concentration. Then I realized that every time he changed the channel, I looked up from whatever I was working on. The TV didn’t interrupt my concentration but the channel changing did. Isn’t that fascinating?

So how did we resolve this major issue? Well, it probably would have been easiest had I just stopped working in the bedroom and moved to another room. What did it matter? They all have televisions. But we didn’t go that route. We agreed that when he changed channels he would stay on it for a couple of minutes before he changed again. I’m not sure he’s doing that but the channel flipping no longer bothers me.

I’ve even gotten used to watching football with him as he flips from channel to channel. The problem sneaked up on me at first though. I’d be watching the game and all of a sudden the uniform colors would change. I’m not a football fanatic so it would take me a minute or two to realize this wasn’t the same team I’d been watching a few minutes ago. But all is good. I’m now resolved to watching 2, 3 and 4 games at once.

There is no remote control issue in our house anymore proving once again that you can teach an old dog new tricks. In this case, I’m the one learning the tricks. No way will I call myself an old dog though.

3 thoughts on “N@50: Give me my remote!

  1. The channel flipping probably caught your attention because different shows have different lighting, and different networks have different default volume levels. I live with a house full of channel flippers. For the most part, I can ignore it. It only gets bad when I see something I’d like to stay on, even if I’m working, and they flip to something else. Mostly, I find another area or tune out the TV.

  2. I am bothered by channel-flipping too. And yes, it IS because of the flashing of lights on different channels, and the sound level is always different too.

    You are blessed to have a man who will work with you. My hubby keeps it on all the time and when I’m trying to sleep, all that flashing and different levels of sound keep me from a sound sleep.

    His solution: he bought me an eye mask and told me to wear earplugs! Translation, I am not going to change so you deal with it.

  3. Charlotte and Patricia, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Patricia, I don’t envy you your family of flippers but it’s nice that the fix is easy — just move to another room.

    Charlotte, my heart goes out to you though I had to laugh at your husband’s gift of a eye mask. Nobody but a man would have thought of that. My sister-in-law and brother have moved the television out of their bedroom–her idea. In fact, they don’t have televisions in any bedrooms in their house. Anyway, she’s advised me to do the same. I don’t see it happening.

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