New Release: A Million Blessings

a million blessings

What happens after all your dreams come true? In these uplifting tales of faith and fortune, delve into the lives of three people whose hearts–and wallets–are on the line when an unexpected windfall tests them like never before. . .

Showers of Blessings by Angela Benson

Assistant pastor Ronnie has a shameful secret: he’s a compulsive gambler. And just when it seems he’s run out of luck, he finds salvation in a miraculous win. But nothing can keep Ronnie from recklessly betting his family’s future. His only way out is through renewed faith–and a desperate act of redemption.

Second Chance Blessings by Marilynn Griffith

Pro football player Craig Richards has it all, from the trophy wife to the lavish mansion–until an injury costs him everything. Defeated, he returns to the community and church he left behind–and discovers his loss just might be a blessing in disguise. But will a second shot at fame and fortune lead him astray once more?

Knight In Pink Armor by Tia McCollors

Dara Knight’s dream goes far beyond the multi-million dollar lottery she just won. Her real desire is to rebuild a poverty-stricken Atlanta community. But when a vicious gang sets out to destroy her project, will she have enough courage to prove that investing in people, against all odds, yields heaven-sent rewards?

On Sale: Monday, February 23, 2010
Format: Trade paperback
Price: $14.00
Publisher: Dafina
ISBN-10: 0758242115
ISBN-13: 978-0758242112

I’ll be posting all week about my story and the book so check back often!

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