Newlywed at 50 is Back!

I was 50 and he was 52.  It was love at first bifocal.

Yes, my Newlywed at 50 (N@50) posts are back!  I had to stop posting for a while because things were getting a bit too personal.  In telling the story of my first marriage at age 50 I found myself telling other people’s stories as well.  That’s what happens when your husband has an ex-wife and children and you are much too close to your mother and brother.  Well, I realized that some stories were not mine to tell and it was too difficult to figure out what not to write.  That all changed when my husband and I saw his cousin and her daughters on Jerry Springer.  Yes, Jerry Springer, and even though there is a youtube video of the segment I refuse to link to it.  Let’s just say my blog posts don’t come anywhere close to what we saw on Jerry Springer so N@5o is back on.

Another reason that N@50 is back on is because my husband and I celebrate our second anniversary next week.  Yes, that means I’m now 52, but don’t tell anybody.  We’ve had a year of celebrations and challenges.  While I couldn’t share them with you while we were experiencing them, I look forward to sharing them with you now.

In my first post of the re-started series, which will be up on October 20, I write about how my husband earned his hero status during the first year of our marriage.  Stay tuned!

You can catch up on the original N@50 posts HERE.

5 thoughts on “Newlywed at 50 is Back!

  1. Glad to see you blogging again. Yours is a voice I missed.

    But I totally understand. It’s difficult to find the line between sharing your life and telling other people’s stories because your life is not lived in a vacuum.

    Save the really, really good stuff for your novels, wherein you can doctor and hide the stories a bit more. 🙂

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