Open Mic Day for Readers

Today is Open Mic Day for Readers.  You’re welcome (and encouraged) to post Comments about anything that’s on your mind related to books and reading.  You can Comment on books you like, don’t like, the last book you read, the book you’re reading next, great web sites for readers, anything about reading.  You can even ask questions about my books, past and future.  The only restriction is that the questions should be from a reader’s perspective (and shouldn’t give away any major plot points of books!).

Have at it!  I look forward to reading your comments when I get back from the Soul Expressions Author Tour.

3 thoughts on “Open Mic Day for Readers

  1. I’m a reviewer for APOOO and over the last couple of months I was getting books that made me want to cry because the idea was there for a good plot, but it fell very short of hitting the mark.

    However, I read The Legacies by Michelle Larks a couple of weeks back and it was awesome. Then yesterday I finished a contemporary romance by Viola M. Walker it was so good.

    I have several others to read in the month of August one of them being Up Pops The Devil. Can’t wait to read it. I have heard nothing but good things.

  2. I hate books where the author head hops. Everyone seems to be doing it these days like it’s okay and it’s nice. I expect to see it once or twice in a novel where the author and editor may have missed it. No ones perfect, but to deliberately hop in and out of different characters heads in once scene is just lazy writing, not style. When I see this, I immediately put the book down. If I have to work not to head hop, so does everyone else.

  3. Jennifer, i feel you on books that have a good premise that that don’t follow-through. It’s more difficult to write a good book than it seems.

    Okay, Rhonda, you have to take off your writer hat. Let it go, sis. You must. LOL!

    What I’ve learned is that readers are not us. Yes, there are some readers who move in our circles who notice things like point-of-view, but many don’t. To be honest, all head-hopping doesn’t bother me. Bad head-hopping does.

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