Open Mic Day for Writers

Today is Open Mic Day for Writers.  You’re welcome (and encouraged) to post Comments and Questions related to writing.  I won’t be able to answer until next week, but you’re free to answer each other as you like.  We have some smart people visiting this blog, many of them published authors.  I”m sure they’ll help out.

Have at it!  I look forward to reading your comments when I get back from the Soul Expressions Author Tour.

4 thoughts on “Open Mic Day for Writers

  1. Hey Angela,

    Best wishes to you and the other authors on the book tour.

    I’m planning to enter the 2008 Essence Short Story Contest and wanted to know if there were any particular craft books you would recommend for short story writing.


  2. Piggy-backing off of Vernoica, I’m wondering is it better to enter contest that requires you to pay or not?

    What is the best way to develop characters?

  3. I intend to enter the Essence 2009 writer’s contest too. I didn’t know about it until Veronica mentioned it.

    BTW, this years contest is over.

  4. Well, you would ask me about something that i know nothing about — short stories. I’ve only written one novella during my career and I found it harder to write than a full-length novel.

    Jennifer, to me, they’re paying and then they’re paying. I can understand a nominal entry free say $25 or less, maybe $50. I’d be wary of paying much more than that. That said, I don’t know much about the contest market. Do you get a critique with the entry? I suggest checking to see what those have entered before think about it. Just do a google search on the contest name and I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

    I’m going to have Suzanne Woods Fisher visit with us soon, this week or early next week. She’s written “Grit for the Oyster: 250 Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers.” Isn’t that a great title!

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