15 thoughts on “Final Covers

  1. The left cover on the 2nd row for The Way Home. See the faces and smiles of both.

    Can’t pick one for The Nicest Guy in America because tops are all the same and the bottoms feature cities, so it depends on the story’s setting.

    The 2nd one for Friend and Lover. The continuation of the tan/gold feeling in the center panel is more appealing.

  2. I like The Way Home 2nd picture
    I could just imagine coming back to a
    Hometown where you could smell the air
    Home cook food rocking chairs and swing
    Chair on the porch and then walking
    Up the stairs you know that beyond
    The door your love is waiting.
    Nicest Guy in America,2nd left
    I use my imaging alot and I like
    To picture things in my mind
    Of cost a picture will help.
    Friends and Lovers I like the 2nd
    Picture ,the setting of two champagne
    Glasses you could just image two people
    Very much in love sitting at this table

  3. I like the cover on the left for The Way Home. I think it ties in with the title more.
    The Nicest Guy covers are pretty much a tie for me though I do like the city scene better.
    For Friend and Lover, I like the one on the left better because the blue background provides more contrast for the wording and makes it stand out more.

  4. I like the one on the left for “The Way Home”. I can envision the door open and someone waiting. The one on the right for the ” Nicest Guy in America” because of the cityscape image. And “Friend and Lover” the one on the right, clearer image because of the blue background.

  5. The choice for The Way Home is the most difficult for me. I really like the first one with the woman in the door best but quite a few folks like the second one.

    What if I take the photo on the second The Way Home and put it on The Nicest in America. Then I can take the photo on Nicest Guy and put it on Friend and Lover.

    Too much?

  6. row 1– I like the cover on the left–but would go with just the woman and man at the door..the man’s back being turned is mysterious and intriguing enough to catch my attention—clean — row 2 |I don’t like either—I think a man – handsome man with a nice friendly face and a woman spoofed in the background would be nice or just the man alone. Row 3 – I like the one on the right. –all the titles are good.

  7. Okay, I hear y’all. I’m going to make a few more changes. I still like the first version of The Way Home but I love the picture of the couple on the second version. So I’m going to try that couple on the covers of Nicest Guy and Friend and Lover. Hold on.

  8. Amgela, I’m thinking of how these will look as a thumbnail on Amazon’s Kindle Store and I think they are all too busy, too much on the cover for me to focus on. They do look very professional however. JMHO!

  9. I like book 2 on the first because I love the night and water (not too busy and quite beautiful). Book 2 on the second one (like the way the fonts work). Book 1 on the third one (fonts work well like that).

  10. I like #2 for the first one because I think that the water just compliments the top portion of the cover a little better. For the second book, I like the font for your name better. And for the last one, again the fonts as well as the color scheme work better…at least to me!

  11. Friend and Lover – Cover #2 (right) – Like Vanessa, I also like the night theme.

    The Way Home – Cover #2 (right) – the font for both the title and your name read clearer.

    Nicest Guy in America – Cover #1 (left) – same deal, font for both the title and your name read clearer.

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