Silhouette Re-issues Older Romances

A Family WeddingI recently learned that Silhouette Books is re-issuing two books that I wrote for them in 1997, Second Chance Dad and A Family Wedding. The books are being re-issued as part of the pre-launch of Silhouette’s new African American romance line. Second Chance Dad hits the bookstores in December 2005 and A Family Wedding makes an appearance in February 2006. Second Chance Dad

While it’s usually profitable for an author to see her books re-issued, I have mixed emotions about my upcoming re-issues. You see, I wrote these books before I started writing Christian fiction and they contain explicit sex scenes that I would not put in a book today. The explicit scenes are only symptoms of the problem that I have with those books; my problem is that the characters in those books have no faith life. It’s as though they live in a world in which God does not exist. You never see them balance their life decisions with the tenets of their faith.

Many of you have read my older titles, so I’d like to hear what you think about them in terms of the faith lives of the characters. How do you think adding (or, developing) a faith life element for the main characters would have changed the stories? Would they have been better, worse, or just different? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Thank God for your niece!! : ) I just wanted to comment quickly on your question about the reissue of your “wordly” books. I really think that God can take situations and circumstances and use them. Some people would never read “Abiding Hope” or “Awakening Mercy” without first getting to know your wonderful work through books such as “Bands of Gold”, “Second Chance Dad” and even “Family Wedding”. These books just may be someone else’s pathway to Christ. As much as others may negatively judge your start or you may knock yourself for your initial writings, if one soul is saved as a result of reading your writings then Heaven rejoices! Some may even say that if a God can save her from these writings then for sure He can save me! : ) I am not sure what things would be like if there were more faith elements but I do know that Romans 8:28 is so very, very true.

    Keep writing, keep praying and keep the faith!


  2. Regarding your earlier works. I read and enjoyed the books by Arabesque/BET. I took them for what they were advertised ROMANCE. It was not important to me for the books to have a Christian theme. When I look for romance, I am looking for escape, love, romance and seduction. When I am reading Christian Fiction, then I want to be inspired and learn a lesson. If these books had a Christian based theme, then they would be what they were advertised as because they would have been a totally different book.

  3. I usually get mixed reviews when I start reading books from one author in different genre’s from romance fiction to christan fiction. Like you said some reveal explicit sex scene, I am wondering where did all this information come from. I usually get a little confused about the person’s standing. If I like an author’s books I usually try to read all those books by that author. I am glad you did take a stand and informed the readers about the different views. For me if I want to read christian fiction I would like to keep my mind pure, instead of putting garbage in my mind. It is difficult because I’ve started reading good books, then I try to read books by the same author and I have to put the books down.

  4. I have enjoyed all that you have written, the romance and the christian books. I like reading books by authors that have previously read. I like to search their website to findout when a new book is coming out so I can get it or have the library purchase. I enjoyed your earlier books, the romance, but I think you have done an extremely good job in your christian fiction. You keep it very interesting that I don’t ever realizes that the characters aren’t sexually involved. Keep up the good work…Like your niece I’m glad you updated your website. I really enjoyed Amen. I was shocked that Francine and Stuart didn’t get together in the end. I guess and hope there will be “Amen Again” in the future.

  5. I truly enjoyed your movies Abiding Hope and Awakening Mercy. It is joy and delight to be able to read books that have a Christian opoint of view. My mom always reads the more explicit books and leaves the Christian books for me to read. Again, keep bringing on GREAT faith based reading.

  6. Angela,

    You are a gifted writer who works past and present have always been a blessing to me. I too am a Christian. I only read Christian fiction, but that was not the case when your first novel Bands of Gold was released. After years of working in a bookstore I was thrilled to see an African American on the cover of a romance novel. I was proud of you for making that happen; so that was the blessing then. The blessing now is that God has bought you up a little bit higher and you’re using your gifts for his glory. Just keep writing.
    “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven.” Ecc 3:1

  7. Intersting post. I stumbled upon your blog whilst doing a search on msn for something completely different, but I am glad I have found it and I have spent the past 30 mins reading previous posts.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck with your blog.


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