SORMAG Online Conference

The SORMAG Online Conference is now going on!  This is a great online conference for writers and readers.  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to meet authors, editors, agents and others in the publishing business. 

The conference started on August 26th and ends on September 1st.  The goods news is that the conference is free!  You have the wonderfully giving LaShaunda Hoffman, who’s provided this fantastic opportunity for a few years now, to thank. Kudos, LaShaunda! Your good work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. 

So head on over to and join in the fun.  The conference is hosted in a blog format so even though you’ll be joining late, you won’t have missed a thing! 

Oh, yeah, you can see the full conference agenda here:

Last, not but least, be sure to click on one of those “Make a Donation” buttons and support the conference effort. 


3 thoughts on “SORMAG Online Conference

  1. Angela,

    I’ve been attending all week and it’s fabulous. I’ve been to three live or in person type confernces and this really surpasses them and I’ll say why. First of all at live confernces you raise your hand to get your panel questions answered, if it’s a large confernence you may or may get picked by the facilitator, at SORMag, everyone gets their questions answered as long as you post fairly early. The other thing is, the workshops here are so much more detailed. I’ve been to tons of workshops and other than the one held at Jacquelin’s first Faith Based Conference, I don’t feel like I really learned as much. These have so much more good information. And don’t let me forget to say, I had the opportunity to pitch to agents, now how’s that for an opportunity. Can you tell I’m enjoying it. I won’t miss another one and when I’m published, I’ll come back and volunteer.

    It’s been great and LaShaunda has done a great job.

  2. WOW! Rhonda

    What a great testimony, can I use for future conferences?

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it and learned something. That means my goals were met. I wanted you to feel like it was a real conference.

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