The Amen Sisters debuts on September 19!

The Amen SistersThe big day has arrived! Starting Monday, September 19, you should begin seeing The Amen Sisters in your bookstores. Do me a favor and let me know where you spot it. Just select Comments below this message and enter the details of your sighting.

I’m excited about the story and it seems the reviewers are, too. Take a look at my Reviews & News page to see. You can read an excerpt on the Walk Worthy Press web site at Excerpt.

Here’s a brief synopsis to whet your appetite:

Francine Amen was a ministry leader with an up-and-coming church who believed she had found her true calling. She publicly renounced her family, friends and church because she felt they didn’t believe “enough” and left her hometown. But, when Francine turned against a dear friend who accused the church pastor of sexually abusing her, the woman killed herself. Guilt ridden and ashamed, Francine turns to the one person who should always be there – her sister.

Dawn Amen-Ray sticks by her sister, Francine, because she feels it is the right thing to do. Still, Dawn has her own problems. She recently found out that her husband (Francine’s ex-boyfriend) cheated on her and Dawn is NOT in a forgiving mood. Besides, Francine hurt so many people Dawn cannot see how her sister can possibly ever make it all up to them or convince them to trust her again.

Insightful, unforgettably real and compassionate, The Amen Sisters is about confronting the difficult truth, facing our painful mistakes, and reclaiming God’s abundant hope and promise.

10 thoughts on “The Amen Sisters debuts on September 19!

  1. Hi, I just left you a message. Now I know another reason why I haven’t seen your book yet. I’ll try to scout it out.

  2. Angela:

    I didn’t have your email, thus I’m commenting here. Your review is now posted on Amazon. Also, thank you for placing a portion of our review on your site. We are, however, Armchair Interviews, not Armchair Reviews. We’d also appreciate a link from your site to ours. And if you’d like a link from your review, to your site, please email me.


    Andrea Sisco

  3. Hi Angela,
    Just wanted to let you know I received the Black Expressions catalogs. Thank you for sending them! I am planning to attend one of your Chicago readings (didn’t I see one scheduled at Transitions?). I might attend the UofC one this Friday; I had my book launch there.

    Looking forward to meeting you!


  4. Hi my name is Tyese I am reading your book right now. It is really good! I can’t hardley put it down. You have brought so many issues to light. I am also in the process of writting a book. A book of poetry and thoughts. I am twenty one and have been committed to Christ faithfully for about a year and half. The book is great and I cant wait to finish it.

  5. Hello, Angela,
    I just finished reading your book a few minutes ago. Great story, which held my interest . Thank you for writing a book which gives insight into the real issues and problems that occur in our churches, with other Christians, and our Pastors. It was very helpful to see the real interest and processes that Pastor Thomas took and used to help resolve the problems encountered by his members. An uncaring and less sensitive Pastor can do much harm to his members if he doesn’t care or know how to resolve his own personal conflicts and those involving his members. I think you book provided valuable methods for showing how church and personal conflicts should be resolved. Thanks again for a great book and I look forward to your next book which I hope will continue to show us how to deal with real life issues within the Body of Christ.

  6. Hi Angela,

    I just finished the book about an hour ago. It was wonderful. I am so glad you touched on the sin’s that are happening in our churches today.

    I am going to request that our church put some copies of The Amen Sister in our church bookstore.

    I can not wait until your next book comes out. Will it be soon?

  7. I am reading “The Amen Sisters” at this time and I can hardly put it down! It is so very well written! You can feel the characters’s emotions. It brings so many issues to light; real issues. It validates the pain that so many women and men go through and shows the way God would want us to resolve these situations his way, not ours. If I could, I would read it sun up to sun down. I will give it to someone as a gift this year. The scripture shared throughout this book by mention and example are tools of God that we can use throughout our lives.

  8. Hi Angela,

    Just wanted to let tell you congratulations on your book “The Amen Sisters” and on your newly signed agreement for your next book. I was looking through the book section at Walmart (in Lithonia, GA) a few nights ago and I spotted “The Amen Sisters”. It’s so wonderful to be able to say that I actually know a best-selling author.

    I wish you continued success in all that you do. Take care.


  9. Hi Angela, Reading your new book The Amen Sisters is what I needed to read. I read this book in two days, It touched my heart becasue I know someone who is under the spell of my old who I looked up to and it is a close family member of mines and it hard to get her to unhook from this man. I don’t know her pain but I do know she is hurting. Thank You so much Angela for letting the Holy Spirit lead you to write this book in this day in time. There are so many other church members who hurting and feel they are the only this is happening too. I pray everyday to the LORD about my family member to open up her eyes to see that GOD LOVE HER so very much. God Bless You

  10. Angela,
    Thanks for including APOOO Bookclub’s review/buzz on your review section for The Amen Sisters. Sounds like the response to this book is overwhelmingly supportive. Looking forward to your next book.


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