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I found some wonderfully exciting news on Dee’s Christian Fiction blog–drum roll, please–Stephanie Perry Moore’s Payton Skyy series of teen novels is being made into a series of Direct-to-DVD movies by Tyler Perry!  This is great news!

I’ve bought the Payton Skyy series several times over the years.  I even bought it for my niece TWICE!  She called me up and said, “Aunt Angela, you already gave me these books–years ago.” I admit to getting a little sheep-faced at that, but when I saw them in hardcover at Black Expressions, I had to buy them.  Well, dIdn’t I?

I recently purchased (around Thanksgiving, I think) Stephanie’s pre-teen series, Carmen Browne, for a younger niece (the aforementioned niece’s sister).  To make up for giving the older niece the duplicate Payton Skyy books,  I tossed in the first books from the Perry Skyy Jr. series, figuring she’d love a series about a boy.

I realized today how long Stephanie Perry Moore has been writing young adult Christian fiction, particularly African-American young adult Christian fiction.  She is truly the godmother of the genre.  (Note she has at least one series, Laurel Shadrach, that stars a Caucasian pre-teen.)  Come to think about it, Stephanie is a pioneer in African-American Christian fiction, in general, as her first book came out in 2000 when the genre was first starting. 

Congratulations to Stephanie!  Let’s all be on the look-out for the DVDs.

10 thoughts on “The Payton Skyy Movies

  1. Angela,

    She mentioned working with Tyler Perry last month when I interviewed her for my blog, but it was in passing and I didn’t feel like I knew her well enough to say “Girl, Naw, working on what?” So I just waited. Great news!!!

  2. My daughter has read a couple of Stephanie’s books. I can only remember the Laurel Shadrach one. I try to support my library as much as possible, but they don’t carry enough of her books.

    This is a great accomplishment.

  3. I have a young cousin and a 20-year-old sister-in-law that will be very excited to hear this news. They really enjoyed Stephanie’s books and one of them can’t wait to meet her.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great news! Congratulations to Stephanie. I am so impressed with how Tyler Perry is using his resources to give opportunities to others. I never heard of this series but I will be checking it out. I have an eleven year old niece who loves to read so this might be her birthday present!

  5. I never knew about this series. In fact, I am new to the Christian genre because I don’t buy books very often, but I will try to get to the library and check these books out.

    As a young people’s Sunday school teacher I have found that adult’s get a lot out of young people’s Christian literature. I always did from the lessons!

  6. I love Tyler Perry’s work. I am even liking ‘The Payne’s’ a lot more (Curtis is such a clown). Maybe by the time the dvd series is out I will be able to buy it. Scratch that, I WILL have a job or a book out by then:).

  7. i really enjoy payton skyy the series books. My friend and I were glued to the novels i really hope she makes a movie because I want to know if Payton & Tad get married!!!!

  8. I am an avid reader and I have really enjoyed your books. They are both encouraging and uplifting. I can’t wait for your next book.

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