Unexpected Blessings

I had two unexpected blessings today. First, this morning I found out that The Amen Sisters is going into a third printing. As of today, there are no books in stock; the reprint is scheduled for March 7. Second, this afternoon I received this wonderful thank-you e-mail from a student who’d chosen me as the topic for a school essay on writers:

Thank you so much. I made a 93% on that essay test. I’ ve never made that good of a grade.

She wrote back later to say:

. . .kids are really reading books now!! so really THANK YOU!! You’ve changed my school, and Me!! Just because I spoke about you and your books our school has so much more Respect for writers and how much they have been through!

You know, I was pretty high after finding out about the third printing for The Amen Sisters, but this young girl really made my day. Her excitement is contagious, isn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. Angela, I am SO happy for you, but I’m not surprised at all!!!! I know how The Amen Sisters touched my life. So it’s not surprising to me that it’s obviously being a blessing to many! Would you say that writing The Amen Sisters was your defining moment? Have you gotten this much exposure from past writings?

  2. That’s great Angela. You are inspiring as a individual, particularly in person. I enjoyed talking to you so much at Jacquelin’s conference a few years ago. Seems like yesterday. And yes, Amen Sisters is a wonderful moving novel. It will be a blessing for many years to come.

  3. Congratulations, Angela, on both counts. It’s wonderful that your book has gone into its third printing. That shows that people are buying the book and that God is using its message.

    I would say with Xenia that hearing from a reader, a student at that, is probably more thrilling since you can see what a difference it is making. I don’t know how she reacted to the message that you were trying to get across but you can see how enthusiastic she is about the book. Your prayer request for God’s preparing hearts for what He wanted you to say is in this book was/is really vital.

    I know my mother was always quite upset about 2 things that came up in prayers at church: praying for the missionaries and praying for the sick. She was certainly not against these prayers. However, she felt that we needed to pray as much if not more for God to prepare the hearts of those who would hear the missionaries. Only a heart that God has prepared and opened can truly receive the message that the missionary is trying to convey.

    The other prople that she realized needed prayer were the caregivers of those who were ill. She cared for my father for almost 10 years after he had a debilitating stroke. She knew she needed prayer just as much as my father did. From my own experience later in dealing with her Alzheimer’s, I know I definitely needed prayers myself to know how to deal with her in her condition. I was on the prayer list for my own illness but the double burden was sometimes way beyond me.

    I really wish that I could find my copy of “The Amen Sisters”. I so much want to read it.

    Thanks also for your prayers on the other matter. It is not yet resolved but I hope it soon will be. Thanks so much for your insight on that matter as well.

  4. That explains why I couldn’t find a copy of The Amen Sisters! 🙂 I was looking for one tonight to give to my aunt for her birthday. Congratulations, Angela, on both counts! There is something particularly special about knowing you’ve been a blessing in the life of a child. Speaking of children, my 8-year-old cousin recently saw me with a copy of The Amen Sisters. “How did you get your name on that book?” he asked in bewilderment. Of course I explained that the book was written by another person named Angela Benson. It still makes me smile to think of his puzzled expression.

  5. Geigh, you know, I thought The Amen Sisters was going to be my defining moment, but now I think that it’s going to be my next book. Don’t get me wrong. The Amen Sisters had blessed and performed splendidly but I believe it’s just the beginning. I have a strong sense of expectation in my heart for the next book and what it’s going to mean and do. I really can’t explain it any better. I know, I’m supposed to be a writer, right. 🙂

    Thanks for sweet words, Rhonda! Are you going to be at the conference this year? I plan to be there. I hope we get to see each other again.

    Sigrun, what happened to your book. Did you lose/misplace it in the move?

    Xenia, that young girl’s note was so special. The comment about the grade being the best she’d gotten really did something to me. To be able to encourage a child–now that’s a blessing.

    Angela, that’s funny — about your young cousin. Hey, you could always pretend to me. On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea. 🙂
    I’m sorry the book wasn’t in the store when you looked. They’ll be back out soon.

  6. No, well it’s not lost exactly. Let’s call it misplaced. When I had to move in Oct/Nov to make room at the basement apartment I had for the landlady’s parents who were coming to live here from Poland, I had a truly disastrous move which also contributed to the other problem I’m having.

    My nephew, in order to save me money–ahem–decided he and a couple of friends would help me move. Everything was packed more or less higgledy-piggledy. I, and a few other helpers, marked all the boxes as to contents. However, some people did not. As a result, most of the books that were in the area where my computer was–and that includes your book, my digital camera, my power cords, my grammars and dictionaries as well as other vital things–have no tags as to contents and I’m still looking for all of these things. It’s driving me crazy especially since I really need some of those things to get on with my life. I know that sounds crazy but, e.g., I need the camera to take pictures of the things I want to sell on eBay. I needed it for my vacation too. I ended up paying for films to take along to RD, then had to pay for the films’ developing. I’ve had to replace other things as well, and in my pecuniary state that was just too much. As I said, all that has contributed to the other problems we have discussed. It seems that I keep paying, and paying for that disastrous move. My first impulse and act when I heard Ewa’s parents had finally gotten their visas was joy for her and her whole family. I impulsively hugged her–I rarely do that. It didn’t occur to me what it actually meant for me to have to pack all my things in just over 2 months, look for a for-me-affordable apartment without a car for transportation, etc.

    So that’s the story of my “lost” things. What got me even more on edge was that I kept hearing something gnaw on the pipes and little squeals from under the floor. I suspect rats. What have they done to my things downstairs. I finally told one of the owners about the problem and he got rat poison and put it out on Thursday. Since then, I haven’t heard many squeals or much gnawing. I hate to go down there myself however. I hate to see dead things.

  7. Congratulation!!! Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! You have certainly been an inspiration and a blessing to the body. I am still in the process of reading the AMEN SISTERS. Let’s just say I am soooooo enjoying this novel. I loved how you incorporated the characters Nate and CeCe. I look forward to meeting you at one of your speaking engagments. When do you think you will make it to Southern Illinois? May GOD continue to bless all He has your hands to do.

  8. Angela – I just finished reading the Amen Sisters and it was simply heart changing. This book has truly touched my heart to the point I did not want to put it down. I am looking forward to reading other books you have written.

  9. Brianne, welcome! I’m blessed to know that the book was a blessing to you. Thanks for sharing.

    Vyta, thanks for the encouraging words. Where are you in Southern Illinois? I’m not far from you at all. I may be able to get down there.

  10. Angela, Do not play girl :-)….. I am a little further south of Carbondale, IL.. I would like to say I have finished The Amen Sisters. I absolutely enjoyed it… You have motivated me to continue working on my book. And again, may God continue to bless all He has your hands to do.

  11. Great, Vyta! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Hmm, I didn’t realize there was anything south of Carbondale that was still in Illinois. 🙂 Keep me updated on your book.

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