Up Pops the Devil drops on July 29!

Here’s the lovely cover of my upcoming release from HarperCollins.  Instead of me telling you what the book is about, how about you telling me what you think it’s about given the cover.  I’ll send advanced reading copies to two of the participants.  I’ll give this about two weeks so the drawing will be held on July 8.

Up Pops the Devil

10 thoughts on “Up Pops the Devil drops on July 29!

  1. I think it’s about a person with not so honorable intentions causing drama in and around church.

  2. I think this book is about relationship problems-and the devil is the person who is causing these problems. She goes up unexpectedly, bold with no remorse for her/his interference.

  3. From cover, I think this book is about the meddling in someone’s relationship, she show up to spread gossip, to cause problemsn, he/she has not remorse whatsoever.

  4. I think the novel will be about a married man with a less than perfect past. He has been caught in infidelity in past relationships and in his current marriage but has been forgiven by his wife. Currently, a woman from his past has returned. He has always had a problem with resisting her. She walked out of his life and although he was devastated at the time, he’s is grateful because God blessed him with a wonderfully loving wife and mother to his children. This woman of his past tries to re-enter his life as a “Friend.” He allows (ignoring his conscience) her not only back into his life but into the lives of his family members. No one knows of their past together. But when he doesn’t agree to ALL of her demands, she changes and threatens to expose the truth.

  5. I think it is about a man who while he would do good, evil is always present, hindering his walk with God. But he refuses to fully give in; he realizes he is a work in progress and will see it to the end.

  6. I think it’s about a pastor who went wayward but is not ready to REALLY turn his life around and over to God…but he can’t because the good sisters remember when and won’t let him do right because they really don’t want a do-right man. So while he’s trying to keep the faith and walk the walk…they’re trying to get him to stray at every corner.

    Okay did I win…hehe.

  7. Looks like maybe about a woman who likes to cause some drama. Perhaps she doesn’t always mean to, but the little she-devil just pops up sometimes.

    How’s that–did I nail it? 🙂

  8. You know the gospel songs (including that song I can’t think of the name of by Vickie Winans) that start out talking about “I’ve been lied on, cheated, talked about, mistreated,” etc., well, the sista on the front of this book cover, she’s the one who has been doing the lying and cheating. Now she’s trying to get right with Jesus, but that mean old devil keeps popping up and throwing a monkey wrench into her plans.

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