Up Pops the Devil – The Sequel?

Okay, the reader mail for Up Pops the Devil has started to pour in.  It seems some of you see a sequel in the future.  So tell me your idea for a sequel.  Which characters and/or storylines would you like to see again?

Those of you who haven’t read Up Pops the Devil might want to stay away from the Comments to this post.  They may contain spoilers.

4 thoughts on “Up Pops the Devil – The Sequel?

  1. Just read this over the weekend. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! A sequel? Definitely!

    In it, you have to bring back Loretta, Serena, Natalie, and Tanya, perhaps to varying degrees. I’d love to see what might transpire between Natalie and Preacher, and how that might affect relationships with the other women. How about Tanya getting her comeuppance by finding someone who is everything she doesn’t want but everything she needs? Don’t forget Loretta, who already is making a major change in her life. What does life after prison hold for her? Will it be anything like life after prison for Preacher?

  2. Oh yeah! Definitely something between Preacher and Natalie. I would love to see a story centered around Loretta too! Something about the ending to me said you are NOT finished with these characters. LOL! I wanted more!

  3. And I forgot about Serena. Do she and Barnard finally resolve their differences over adoption and what does that mean for their relationship?

    You could probably weave a couple of those together and make a great book. I’m plugging for books 2 and 3 in this series!

  4. Angela,

    I’m ignoring the comments. I’m looking foward to seeing you in a few weeks. Now that I’ve turned in my manuscript, I should have Up Pops the Devil read by the time you get here.

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