What Are You Reading?

I had planned to keep you all updated with my fiction reading, but guess what? I’m not reading much fiction these days. I’m a pretty avid reader so this is strange for me. I think it has something to do with the 90 Bible reading plan. By the way, I’ll have the 90 Day post up on Wednesday.

Defining Moments Murder Mayhem Fine ManAnyway, I just find that I don’t have as much time, or as much interest, in reading fiction as I did before. Now that’s a bit problematic since I’m a firm believer that good writers read a lot. So I’m going to try to get it at least a couple of books a month. My next two are going to be Defining Moments by Jacquelin Thomas and Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man by Claudia Mair Burney. Claudia’s a new author to watch. Look for her book in July. I’m special so I have an early copy in galley form. 🙂

WhatSpeaking of new authors, one of my fellow Walk Worthy Press authors, Tiffany L. Warren (What a Sistah Should Do) is a finalist in Cush City’s New Author Contest. You can see the full list of nominees and vote HERE.

My web counter tells me that this web site gets over 200 visitors (1600 hits) per day and I want to hear from a lot of you. I’m going to devote a blog entry a week for you to make yourself known, so help me out here. I want to find out if that counter is really working, or if those counts are way, way off. So just click on Comments and tell me what you’re reading, or have read, lately. I really do want to know.

Question for the week: What are you reading?

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  1. Since I like romantic suspense and adventure to take my mind off certain more unpleasant aspects of my life, I just finished reading “On the Run” by Iris Johansen. It’s got horses, a child prodigy, a former CIA operative who has become a legend, someone who insists she’s *not* a horse whisperer and an evil villain in it. Not exactly Christian reading material but the child and the horses were definitely remarkably well portrayed. It’s also very suspenseful. Well, with an evil villain, it would have to be.

    I’ve just started “Forget Me Not” a series of 3 (so far) SEAL books by Marliss Melton, an up and coming writer who has a strong Christian outlook. I don’t know yet how much it shows in her books. That’s one thing I’m trying to find out. I started corresponding with her because of the similarity with my sister’s somewhat unusual name spelled Marlis. Almost all of my own books are buried in the bowels of the basement and I’m just hoping that the rats I heard down there didn’t chew or uh…you know…them. All these books are from the library.

  2. Angela, I’ve experienced the SAME THING!! I ordered ALL these Christian fiction books, and now I’m going through a season where that’s not really what I want to read. But when I WAS in that season, I was reading 2-4 Christian fiction books a week. My all-time favorite is The Amen Sisters. Other GREAT ones are Sunday Brunch and Soul Matters. Sunday Brunch was so wonderful, and most of us can relate to one of these sisters. Angela, if you read Sunday Brunch OR Soul Matters, tell me what you think.

  3. Thanks, Sigrun and Geigh, for getting the ball started here. I haven’t read your two books, Sigrun, but I have read, Soul Matters, one of Geigh’s. I’ve met the author, who’s wonderful, and I very much enjoyed the book.

    Now to those of you reading this post, it’s 11am CT and the web counter says the site has had over 100 visitors (over 800 hits) in since midnight last night. This means the counter is WAAAY off or some of you are not telling us what you’re reading.

    So, I’ll ask again. Just take a moment and write a brief line. If you’re not reading anything, just say, “Hi.”

  4. Well, it’s almost midnight. The web counter reports more than 200 visits and more than 2200 hits for today, yet only two comments. I think I’ll keep trying to find something you all want to talk about. I know you’re out there. I’m gonna find you. 🙂

  5. Angela, that’s one of the reasons I don’t have a blog myself. It’s like the writing. I can’t come up with anything to talk to people about but I can give opinions (LOL), at least on some matters. And when I do start spouting off, I can’t seem to stop. Most of the comments others give are one word or 1 or 2 sentences long. Mine–well, sometimes they’re longer than the original blog entry.

    Most people like to talk about what they’re reading. It might be “intimidating” for some that you as a Christian writer might expect them to be reading just Christian books. If they’ve been following your look at the past, they should know that you’ve written other things as well. I must admit that I was a little timid about writing that I’m presently not reading anything overtly Christian. So far Marliss has definitely stayed true to her convictions in the characters’ actions without revealing any real Christian motives or thoughts. But I’m only about 1/3 through the book.

  6. Sigrun, you may have hit upon something. Next week’s question will be what is the best book you’ve read recently that’s not Christian fiction. What a great idea! I’m glad you felt free to list the general fiction titles you’d read. I didn’t even think about it. I tend to read a lot and widely, but I’ve really restricted the discussion here to Christian fiction. So maybe we’ll take a day a week and talk about other things that we’re reading, or things that we’re reading in addition to Christian fiction. Again, thanks for the idea.

  7. Angela,

    I’m responding to the question for this week. I am presently reading “The Amen Sisters”.

    Geigh, I was thinking about purchasing “Sunday Brunch” and/or “Soul Matters”, which of the two do you recommend.

  8. I am reading The Amen Sisters so far, I am enjoying the book. I would like to know of others books you think I would enjoy.

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