4 thoughts on “What is Christian fiction?

  1. Angela, I think it could be categorized in both genres. Christian fiction has evolved since I first started reading it. There’s like a thin line between Christian fiction and contemporary. I’ve read the book and it should appeal to readers of both genres.

  2. I think your tagline of “inspirational family drama” sums it up best. I know the Bible story. Christians will pick up on that and read from that perspective. I understand why some might not categorize it as Christian fiction.

    Those who are unfamiliar with the Biblical tale might miss the faith aspect, and for them, it will read like a contemporary fiction tale. But then, should they enjoy it enough to look for your other works, it becomes the hook that draws them into other Christian fiction.

  3. To be honest, I understand why the reviewers said what they did as well. I think the message in Sins of the Father was as strong as that in my other books but it was presented differently. I look forward to continuing on this “inspirational family drama” journey.

  4. I think it is both. I wonder if it had scripture all over the place, would they consider it to by Christian fiction. I did not understand. Every time I go to B&N stores I see, what I think would be Christian fiction, most african american book in the Urban section. I hope I am making since.

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