Who’s the Audience?

When I was with my friends the other week, we watched the movie, Stomp the Yard. (Thanks to Cassandra, who always brings the goodies). Anyway, I’d seen this movie advertised and it never appealed to me. But this turned out to be a verygood movie. I watched it twice. And I had the nerve to make folks be quiet so they wouldn’t miss some important lines!

Here’s the trailer for Stomp the Yard. Look at it and tell me if it makes you want to go see this movie.

Okay, I bet some of you didn’t even finish the trailer, dismissing it as “one of those rap movies.” I hate to admit it, but that was my thought when I first saw the trailer. But this movie was not what I expected. It had some strong messages that really spoke to me, and that I hope spoke to some of the young folks who went to see it.

Stomp the Yard reminded me of another “rap movie” that I dismissed a while back, ATL. Take a look at this trailer and tell me if it makes you want to see it.

ATL turned out to be a movie with a message, as well. I was bawling at the end.

When I think of these two movies, I’m glad that I have friends who are more open-minded than it appears I am. I think they’re the kinds of movies that parents can watch with their children on Friday night with a bowl of popcorn (is that corny?) and talk about afterwards. Some of the actors, who are also rappers/musicians, probably write lyrics that many parents don’t want their kids to listen to, so the discussion part afterwards is important. I can see how some kids can become confused reconciling the people they see in the movies portrayed as heroes with the lyrics of the music these actors produce in their musician roles.

After the BET Awards Show, I had this song by T.I. (the star in ATL and a very good actor) in my head and I just kept singing it over and over, till I heard it on the radio and realized he wasn’t saying what I thought he was saying. I was too through. Actually, I think he sang a different version of the song at the Awards show. Color me O-L-D!

I’m not holding these actors to a higher standard than other actors. In all honesty, there aren’t many actors that I’d like my children (if I had any) to adopt as role models. Actors play the “good guy” in the movies, but that doesn’t mean they’re “good guys” in real life. Again, this could be confusing with young folks struggling to separate the characters from the actors playing them.

Okay, I feel I’m rambling. Tell me what you think.

By the way, I’ve been watching Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, but I’ll share my thoughts on that later.

3 thoughts on “Who’s the Audience?

  1. I had a similar reaction to the ATL trailer but when I saw the movie on cable, I liked it a lot. Haven’t seen STOMP THE YARD yet but I’ve been interested in this one from the beginning, despite the trailer. Love movies with Black kids in college. I think the marketing folks create the trailers to attract young folks, who might bristle at the hint of a message, although they’ll receive it once they watch the flick.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on HOUSE OF PAYNE. Mine? Unh-unh. Not my cup of tea. At least that was my initial thought. Episode I watched with my son recently, in which the Alan Payne’s son (don’t know character names) gets caught stealing with his boys wasn’t as bad as the first one I saw. Still not quite my cup of tea.

  2. The trailers didn’t do the movies justice. Both were love stories. I liked ATL so much I added it to my movie collection.

    The marketed both movies wrong. ATL was marketed as a gangster movie and STOMP I don’t know what they were doing.

  3. I LOVED the movie “Stomp the Yard” because I am a college girl myself and I knew all about the sorority/frat stuff. However, my husband who only did a community college thang then the ARMY did not get that. He did watch the movie with me and admitted that it was a good movie and that he liked it!!! It made me wish that I experienced the black college, but I went to Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI… However us blacks did our thang there! (ZPhi!!!! GOMAB! and TSOP). Movies like this are so positive, but I hope kids are getting it, and yes parents should watch with their kids w/popcorn and Yes do DISCUSS afterwards, because “Stomp” should not be dismissed as just a love story, or a dance story or a frat. story at a stomp show. There was so there! ( Like Brian White and Colombus Short! Oops! hahaha) But seriously, joking aside, there was a lot to learn in that movie… I did not see ATL, but since I know its not just a gangster movie, maybe I’ll convince my husband we should check it out.

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