Winning the War with SPAM

I think I’ve finally gotten the upper hand with SPAM, but it wasn’t an easy task. Well, maybe it was. Here’s the story:

I have a free gmail account that I haven’t really been using. Well, I noticed that gmail seemed to handle SPAM very well. While browsing around recently, I found out that you can have gmail poll your other email accounts and have all your mail stored on gmail. Now this works for me because gmail has 2GB of storage for mail and mail on gmail is always accessible via the web.

Back to the SPAM. Well, I had gmail poll all my accounts. It had probably been a day or so since I’d downloaded mail. Well, gmail identified about 5000 SPAM messages and moved them automatically to the SPAM mailbox. A couple of pieces still got through but my mailbox wasn’t deluged with the garbage. I could actually read my messages! What a novel concept!

Anyway, I feel like I have a new lease on life.

One thought on “Winning the War with SPAM

  1. A million thanks for this one! I am fairly new to the internet. Have been blogging since March this year. I found your site while surfing the ‘writing for Christ’ webring. I’ll be back here as time permits. God bless.

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