New Genesis House Covers

What do you think of my new Genesis House covers?  Should I go with the new look? Should the couple go on the top or bottom?  How do you like the girls on The Amen Sisters?  What about the colors?  Are they bold enough?


5 thoughts on “New Genesis House Covers

  1. I like the top covers of Awakening Mercy with the couple shown at the top.. The colors are softer and soothing.

  2. Somehow I stumbled upon your books on the iBookstore. I am so glad I did! I sped through Awakening Mercy and Abiding Hope, can’t wait to read the next one! When is it expected to be out? Also, I like the cover with the couple on the bottom for Awakening Mercy and either of the bottom two for Abiding Hope. Thank you for writing good Christian romances Angela!

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