A New Publisher

My agent’s posted it to Publishers Lunch, so I guess it’s close enough to official to reveal here–Drum roll, please. . .

My next two books will be published by HarperCollins and edited by the brilliant Carolyn Marino.

Somebody (I wonder who?) is watching out for me when it comes to editors because Carolyn Marino is among the best in the business, if not the best. You only have to do an Amazon search on her name to find out how her authors feel about her. Now I’m in that group and I’m looking forward to working through the editorial process with her. Hmm, I wonder if she uses red pens. 🙂

I know I say this every time, but my new book is a special one. Really special. Trust me. I’ll tell you more about it when it’s finished. As some of you know, I’m not comfortable talking details about a work-in-progress. It’s like telling the story before I write it, and doing that takes some of the enjoyment out of the discovery process of writing.

Well, that’s my news for today. What’s yours?

15 thoughts on “A New Publisher

  1. Wow Angela! that’s great news. I’ve been waiting to see what’s going on with you. Transitions, transitions, but change is usually good whether we believe it or not, God is always in the mix.

    I have some exciting news. I finished my novel, queried a publisher, got a request for the full manuscript. Now I’m waiting to hear back. It’s the same novel I began right before Jacquelin’s Faith Based Conference in 2004. That seems like a million years ago. I had a baby in the middle of it all, so finishing the novel was a huge accomplishment for me. It felt amazing to be done and even more amazing to see how God had used me to tell the story of my characters. I am humbled.

    I’m looking forward to your new books. Do you have a release date for the first one?

  2. Congratulations, Angela! May God grant you much success and many years in your new home.

  3. Congratulations Angela! I’m looking forward to reading your next one. I thoroughly enjoyed The Amen Sisters!

  4. Congrats to you Angela…. I am sooooo looking forward to your next two books.
    God has really been doing many wonderful things in the last eight months. It just continues to show me when you completely surrender yourself to Him, God cannot do anything else but bless you. My church’s moto this year has been, “In 2007 Expect Everything.” I have embrased this and I encourage you all to do the same. Just remember, with our mouths we can speak blessings or cursings in our lives. Now you decide.

  5. Congratulations Angela! Can’t wait to read the new book!

    And congrats to you Rhonda, for finishing and submitting your manuscript (and having that baby)!

    I’m hoping to complete and submit my first full manuscript this year. Working hard at it.

  6. Angela, I am SO HAPPY for you!!! That is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to read both book.

    My good news: I start a new job making $800 more a month than I’m presently making–with great benefits too!!! Yahoo!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for all the warm congrats, ladies (Angela, Rhonda, Marilynn, Mair, Patricia, Vyta, KaTrina, Geigh). I want to join in the congratulating–

    First, a shout-out to Rhonda. I still remember the first time somebody asked for a full manuscript from me. You’re on your way, lady. Congratuations! Keep us posted. We want to hear your good news FIRST!

    Second, congrats to Geigh. Girl, you’ve got a story to tell. Praise God!

    Last, but not least, Patricia, we have your back, girlfriend. Get to writing!

    Let’s all keep Vyta’s encouagement in our hearts. Thanks, Vyta!

  8. Angela, congratulations. I can’t wait to read your new books. You’re amazing! You always have it “goin on”. God is blessing you in so many ways. I do believe much of it has to do with you blessing others.

    Decatur, GA

  9. Thanks, Sandra, Carla and Bettye. Nice to see y’all hanging out over here. And Sandra, you’re known for your generosity so I’m just following your lead.

  10. So good to hear you have not one, but two new books coming out. I am defintely looking forward to it. I don’t know anything about your editor, but if you are happy, that’s great. You tackled the issue of abusive ministers so I anxious to hear what your topics will be. I appreciate your bringing in social problems in the church/Christian community.

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