Daddy’s Little Girls

If you didn’t see Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, you missed a treat. I just saw this movie today, a Blockbuster DVD rental. I wish very badly that I had gone to the theatre to see this movie. We need more movies of this kind. I rank it right up there with The Five Heartbeats and Love and Basketball. Now anyone who knows me well knows that those are two of my favorite movies of this generation. These are strong family stories with messages of hardship, hope and love.

Daddy’s Little Girls didn’t do anywhere near as well at the theatres as the Madea movies, but it should have done better because it’s a movie for everybody. There are no over-the-top characters; just real people living, loving and growing through life’s challenges. If you haven’t seen this movie, go out today and rent it. You will not be disappointed.

My hat is off to Tyler Perry. He shows a sensitivity and awareness in this story that you don’t see in the Madea movies. This is a very talented man. I have to give him props! You go, Mr. Perry!

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  1. Hey Angela,

    I don’t get to the movies very often, so I missed this one also. I did hear good things. I’ll make sure to rent it soon and check it out. Congrats on your deal with Harper Collins.

  2. Hi Angela,
    I agree, there needs to be more movies like DLG. It is a perfect film for today, Father’s Day. It was very positive. Unfortunately, movies of that nature that depict blacks in a positive light most often don’t do as well at the box office. But… we got to keep making them.

  3. I rarely get to the movies and if I do, like this past weekend, I’m probably seeing Fantastic Four or some other testarone-laden flick (although it was very good!)

    I passed on this one because I thought it be another over the top, Medea-like movie. I’ll have to look for the DVD.

  4. Angela, that is SO IRONIC. I went to rent it yesterday and it was all out! I will try again this week. I love Tyler’s movies and I heard this one was good. Love and Basketball is also one of my favorite movies. My all time favorite movie is Lady Sings the Blues (1982) and NOW my second favorite movie is DREAMGIRLS!!!! I can’t believe how often I have actually watched this movie!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Then of course would be The Color Purple. I just joined Blockbuster Online and it’s been GREAT!! Anyone who watches alot of movie definitely needs to take advantage of it. It’s better than Netflix b/c you can return your movies at the store and while you’re waiting for your next movie to be sent to you, you can trade in your mail in DVD for a free rental at the store! It’s awesome!!!

  5. Thanks for the congrats, Rhonda.

    LOL at the “testosterone-laden” comment. Why is it women can learn to enjoy those flicks, while guys don’t even try with the chick flicks. I’ve had a guy turn to me in the theatre and say in disbelief, you really like this? Then there’s the one who went to sleep, though I admit I’ve gone to sleep on a couple of theirs as well.

    Patricia, I was like you passed on DLG initially for the same reason. This movie was so VERY different. I’d love to see TP make more like DLG. I’m with Dera, we NEED these kinds of movies.

    Geigh, I’ll look into Blockbuster online. I don’t even have a card to the local store; a friend rented the movie. As for Dreamgirls, my experience was wierd. I liked the movie more after I thought about it than I did when I was watching it. I saw the original play back in the day with Jennifer Holliday and crew and I kept making comparisons, and trying to remember what changed and what stayed the same. I loved Eddie’s Patience so I bought the CD so I could play it over and over and over. . .
    I’m going to buy the DVD, too. It was a really GOOD movie. Eddie and Jamie bowled me over with their performances. I thought Jennifer H. was good but I kept trying to remember if the Effie character was an unlikeable in the play as I found her in the movie. This Effie was a bit self-absorbed, don’t you think?

  6. Angela:
    I agree with your view. Daddy’s Little Girls was the best movieI have seen in a long while. I love, love, loved this movie! It depicts a black man in a role rarely seen on the big screen. I walked away from this film feeling real good. These types of films do not get the exposure as some films that are just trash. I, too, hold The Five Heartbeats, Love and Basketball, Love Jones and some of my all time favorites.

  7. Yeah, she was a little self-absorbed, but she got herself together in the end. Remember the song “I Am Changing”. That was her turning point.

  8. You’re so right, Geigh! I guess that means she was self-absorbed in the first one, too. Jennifer Hudson really brought it home.

  9. To me, she deserved that Oscar! Go Jennifer! Have you seen her since she lost all the weight? She looks really good.

  10. Dear Angela,
    I too rented Daddy’s Little Girl and wish I had seen it at the theater. I am very proud of Tyler Perry. Did you get around to seeing the Madear DVD’s? I’m holding Illinois down for you. Wish you were here.

  11. I agree Daddy’s Little Girls is a wonderful movie. I was so glad to see Tyler writing something without ‘over-the-top’ characters. I don’t see many movies but my daughter brought over some of the Madea movies and I do watch ‘The House of Payne’ when I can; I’m glad I did’nt stop after the first two.

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