Another Book Giveaway

Okay, gang, the visitor stats for this site tell one story but the number of comments on posts and pages tell another. So to get you all back in posting mode, I’m going to start another little contest. Every Friday until the release of Up Pops the Devil, I’m giving away two autographed advanced reading copies (ARCs) of Up Pops the Devil .

To enter the contest all you have to do is make a comment on a post, any post on this site, during the week leading up to the drawing. In other words, to be considered for next Friday’s drawing you have to comment between today and the time I announce the winner next Friday. The contest starts anew next Friday.

If you make multiple posts, you’ll have multiple chances to win for that week. And you’re encouraged to participate each week. If you win more than one time, you get to choose an item from my Online Store as your prize instead of another book. UPDATE: When choosing from the Online Store , you must select an item under $25. The Amazon Kindle at $359 is not a choice. I love all of you, but that’s a bit much.

You can comment on any of the blog postings on the site, regardless of how new or old they are. I have access to a list of the most recent comments so yours won’t be missed. You can also post a comment on a page. For example, you can ask a question in the Comments section of any of the pages linked from the For Writers page. Comment on what interests you. And if nothing interests you, write a comment about that and I’ll try to fix it!

Be sure to tell your friends about the contest. If your friend is a winner and mentions your name in his or her comment, then you’ll be a winner, too.

Let the commenting begin. I want to hear from you.

18 thoughts on “Another Book Giveaway

  1. Hi, I’m glad you are starting a new contest and I hope I am a winner. This post is just to remind me to make a real post later. I hope you get a lot of REAL POSTS to go through!

  2. Hi Angela:)

    Congrats on the upcoming release of Up Pops the Devil. I hope that I’ll be fortunate to win an autographed copy but if not I’m still buying the book.

    God Bless

  3. Hey Angela,
    Long time coming….another contest for me to win! I’m waiting on the new book so that I can give you feedback on this one in a way that only I can. Whether I win or not, I will have this book.

  4. I think this is a great contest, Angela! One can never have too many books! I look forward to reading Up Pops the Devil.

  5. Hmm I didn’t win the last time but I still got a book and sis can you add an email subscription box to your blog so that I don’t miss any new posts…yeah yeah I could use the feed but I don’t like it…lol.

  6. You’re all winners in my book!

    Barbara, I have a mailing list just for book clubs. I hope to have it up and running in the next couple of days.

    Yasmin, if you select the subscribe to blog posts link in the right navigation panel, there is an option for email delivery of blog posts. I guess I need to make that clear.

    Okay, y’all, don’t just hang around this posts. I’ve added lots of good stuff for you to explore.

    Thanks, y’all.

  7. Hi Angela,

    I just finished reading the excerpt for Up Pops the Devil, and I must say… I am feeling it!!! It is going to be a great read. Now I reealy need a copy!!! (smile)

    Peace & Blessings

  8. Hey Angela,

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book! I am looking forward to seeing it in the bookstores 🙂


  9. Angela,
    The title and premise of your story make me want to read more! Tell you what: I’ll send YOU one of my (8) books if YOU send me this one. A fair trade?
    Too bad I won’t get to see you in Atlanta. I’m about to go on a 12-day book tour myself, promoting AMAZING TEXAS. Will you be in Texas the end of July/first of August?
    Check out my website and email me back if you want to trade! It’s

  10. I’m so proud of you. May God continue to bless you with the gift of wriiting, so you can continue to bless us with it.

  11. Allison, glad you liked the excerpt. You know, I found out recently that not all readers like them. Apparently, for them, it takes away from the reading experience. I found this fasinating as I had never thought about it before.

    Ros and B, thanks for dropping by. Much success in the contest.

    T. Jensen, let’s talk when you get back from your tour. Have fun and sell a lot of books.

  12. Great idea Angela. Looks like it is working out well. I have hundreds of visitors to my blog each week, but sometimes single or two digit comments during the same time frame. I love this idea.

    Best of luck with the new book!


  13. Woohooo way to go Jeanette & Rhonda I was at the Harlem Book festival so I missed this contest but I am watching my in box closely for the next one!!!


  14. Hi Angela,
    I just love your books i have all of them and I hope to win this one to add to my collections

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