My “baby” arrived on Friday

Friday was a great day! My author copies of Up Pops the Devil arrived. It’s real, y’all. Come July 29, you should start seeing it in bookstores. Be sure to look for it.

As we lead up to official release date, I thought I’d tell you the book’s story, starting with how and when it soul on through the writing and editing process and now finally the marketing and publishing. I can do this mainly because I haven’t met an e-mail message that I could easily delete.  Therefore, I have all the email communication that i’d had with my agent and editors about this book.  I look forward to reflecting back on the process and I hope you enjoy reading my musings.

To whet your appetite for Up Pops the Devil a bit, I’ve placed an excerpt HERE .  Take a read and let me know you think.  I should have a book trailer coming soon so I’ll keep you posted on that.  Oh, yes, I may test you on the excerpt in an upcoming contest so read carefully.

Don’t forget to look for my stories of Up Pops the Devil "over the coming days.

4 thoughts on “My “baby” arrived on Friday

  1. Thanks, Rhonda.

    Can you tell that I’m having trouble with images. I’m not sure if it’s this version of wordpress or the theme I’m using. I hope I get it fixed soon.

  2. I love the cover too, Angela. Can’t read the excerpt though. When I really want to read a book, I wait until I have the thing in my hands. The excerpts just drive me crazy!

  3. Patricia, I’m having an interesting discussion about readers who can’t (or don’t like to) read excerpts or back cover copy or listen to trailers. It’s a fascinating to read the comments. This is something new to me. Thanks so much for sharing. I was going to have a contest where readers had to read the excerpt and answer a question. Now I’m going to have to come up with something else.

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