Another Week of Thanks

redemption Today was another tear-jerker day though I didn’t shed any tears. I just got another chance to see God at work in my life.

Last week was Spring Break for me so school was closed and I had a bit of free time. You know I had to do some reading. And I read Jacqui Thomas’ latest adult novel, Redemption. This book really blessed me. You’ll have to read it yourself to understand. Hint: It’s based on the book of Hosea.

I also started back at CURVES. All I can say is “so far, so good.”

I hope your week is off to a great start and that your eyes can see the hand of God.

6 thoughts on “Another Week of Thanks

  1. Hello Angela and everyone,
    I’m still making my way through Purpose-Driven Life. I’ve started it again since we started; we’re doing a small-group study on it at church. I am not reading daily, but I am reading. I am on day 13, I think. This is my third time trying to read and it’s the farthest I’ve ever gotten. Rather than lamenting how far behind I am or how I’m not making progress, I’m celebrating even small victories. And I can’t help but think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I read day 12 on Saturday and Sunday evening’s sermon was reinforcement for what I had read. Taking 2 or 3 days for each lesson seems to be working for me. So perhaps I’ll finish sometime this summer. 🙂
    My eating habits have been awful lately. I usually have plenty of will power but lately I’ve had none. Girl Scout cookies sales are over, so once those are gone, I can’t get any more! I did walk today. I haven’t done any exercise in a couple of weeks at least. I see my doctor’s office on the caller ID. They’re probably calling with the results of my latest bloodwork. My cholesterol had been high, but was under control as of my last check-up. I know I haven’t been eating well or exercising like I should, so I’m afraid it’s high again. But I’ve had to learn (and I have to keep telling myself) that it’s better to know so I can do something about it than not to know.
    One thing I don’t know if any of you are dealing with is “fiscal fitness.” I went through Financial Peace University at my church last year and I am diligently baby-stepping my way to being debt free. Thankfully I’m currently approved for overtime at work so that’s helping a lot. Sometimes I feel like I work all the time and don’t get to have any fun, but I remind myself of my goal and how much I want to be out of debt. I’ve been debt-free before so I know how great it feels. I hope to be telling you all in July that I’m there once again, hopefully to stay this time.
    That’s enough for now, I think. I’ve shared where I am, so perhaps I’ll get busy and have some progress to report next week.

    Peace and joy to you all!

  2. Angela, thank you for sharing the info about Jacquelin’s new book. I’ll be sure to get a copy.

    Over the weekend I went to the YMCA twice to workout. Saturday’s visit was prompted by my two daughters, ages 6 and 2, needing to burn off some energy so I could calm my nerves. We were able to go at a time when not many people were there so we had the track all to ourselves. They ran, and I walked and ran too. Sunday my husband went with us and we all had a great time, which was a good reminder for me to get back into an exercise routine, something I hadn’t done since late January.

    To the other Angela: Yes, my family is currently dealing with “fiscal fitness,” as my husband is trying to build up his lawn care business. A few friends have recommended books about personal finance that I plan to read. But through it all, God has been faithful in supplying all our needs and is making me remember to be patient.

    Being patient has been a real challenge for me because I’m trained as a journalist and want to see results right now. Many times I’ve had to meditate on my favorite scripture, Phil. 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” NIV

    God bless and keep you all,


  3. Angela, thanks for sharing with me about the hand of God working in your life. I too have been blessed by God; just the fact He has provided an opportunity for me to communicate to Him through prayer is a blessing in itself. I write my prayers in my prayer journal. It is awesome to go back and see how He has answered those prayers. I date my prayer Journals because when I am no longer here, this will be a gift I can leave to my Son. I thank God because He has brought me throug (2) years of depression. When I sought theraphy, I realized that it was well overdue, but I was torn because I felt that it was not right for me as a Christian to seek anyone outside of God for my survival. I had a great deal of trauma from an emergency situation [pulmonary embolism], and did not seek counseling at that time. Then slowly the depression set in. Praise be to God He led me to a therapist that is a Christian. I thank Him for His grace and mercy because of Him, I am here today.
    I am glad to know that Jacqueline Thomas has a new book “Redemption”. I read “Soul Journey”, and also am reading “A Change Is Gonna Come” at the present.
    Keep Praising Him because He is WORTHY!!!

  4. I was blessed to read THE AMEN SISTERS over the weekend. Powerful book. I love fiction that leads me to really dig deep spiritually. Thanks for that one, Angela! I’ve got Jacqueline’s book on my TBR list.

    We’re coming out of a financial dry season. God has used this to teach us some things about “fiscal fitness” but more importantly, to teach us about trusting Him. Not as a genie to drop some $$$ on us or remove difficult financial circumstances, but trusting Him to carry us through, to draw us closer to Him, to give us His eyesight that we might see and understand things we experience through a spiritual lens. God has used this time to challenge my husband and I in ways that have strengthened our relationship. It’s been difficult and awesome and draining and powerful and so many other things, all at the same time. And we’re coming out!

  5. Redemption was one of my favorties books as well. I cried at the end. Didn’t quite expect it to end that way. I always want a happy ending and it was sad. Jacquelin Thomas did a great job telling the story.

  6. Patricia, I’m just reading your “financial dry season” post. Girl, I feel you. Those challenges are going around. I just keep remembering that “God provides.” He hasn’t let me down yet.

    Rhonda, Jacqui killed me with Redemption and then she did it again with Jezebel. I had to have to loooooong talk with that woman! Her books are just getting better and better.

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