The 3 Faces of Abiding Hope

More from Thorndike Press. This time, Abiding Hope, my second Christian romance title is getting a large print edition and a new cover. This is the third cover for this book and I think I like it best. What do you think?

Abiding Hope
April 2007
Large Print Edition
Abiding Hope

Abiding Hope
June 2003
Mass Market Edition
Abiding Hope

Abiding Hope
August 2001
Trade Paperback Edition
Abiding Hope

6 thoughts on “The 3 Faces of Abiding Hope

  1. Greetings Angela,

    I like the August 2001 Trade Paperback Edition because I like artwork that doesn’t give the details of a person’s face, kind of like Varnette P. Honeywood’s work or Annie Lee’s artwork. (I have a copy of Awakening Mercy that has a similar cover. You autographed it for me at the first Faith-Based Ficition Lover’s Conference.) However, I do think the newest cover is very nice too.

    How much say to you have in the choice of artwork for your book covers?

    God bless and keep you,

    Veronica Johnson

  2. My input to covers: NONE.

    The only one of these I saw before I saw the book was the August 2001 one, and then they changed it so the colors aren’t exactly the colors on the one they sent to me. I loved the one they sent me and, because of that, I think, the one they used never really grew on me. The first one had a more reddish tint/hue. I liked it a lot.

    I’ve been fortunate that I’ve never had a really bad cover. And I’ve learned that I don’t have to be the final word on everything. About all I control is the content of the book.

  3. Angela, please note change in e-mail address or can’t you see it either?

    Only the top money-getters get to inspect their covers and more or less okay them. I remember when Suzanne Brockmann, with whom I became friends at the Rom. Times Conference in Toronto, wrote about her “movie-star handsome” SEAL, the cover looked as if he had the mumps. She distributed smileys to put on his face. It really was one of the most awful-looking heroes on any cover that I’ve ever seen. Well, as a rule, the ones on the Mills & Boon covers (source of Harl. Romances and Presents) have looked more like junkies than hero material. They are truly awful.

    I kind of like the latest cover but I’m not sure which one I actually have. Straight off I’d say the mass market because the trade size is always too expensive for me.

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  4. I like original best. Sometimes having actual faces takes away from the reader’s creative process. I like the couple sitting on a together, resting or abiding. The artwork seems more in line with the theme, whereas the new cover, although nice, doesn’t add or underscore anything.

  5. I agree. I don’t like faces on books. But the cover is nice. Glad to see publishers still believe it will sell.

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