I’ve been doing a few booksignings. This past weekend I had a couple.  I want to thank all the readers of this blog who showed up to spend some time with me–Sherri and Rhonda, especially folks I had only met online.   That’s you, Jennifer! 

I’ll blog later about the booksignings (and give more shout-outs) but I wanted to share something with you that was made clear to me again this weekend.

Booksignings are about people, not about books. 

If you know what I mean, give me a shout-out.  If you think I’m wrong, let me know why.

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  1. Hey Angela…and I’m feeling you on booksignings being about people…the good, the bad and the ugly…you might have 10 folks come out and only sell 5 books for various reasons to include folks already have the book (and we want you to autograph that one and all the other books we both), some folks don’t even want to buy a book they just want to find out how to become an author, some folks might just want to stark…and other folks might be genuinely interested in you but their funds are funny and book buying is limited…and some folks just stop by to see a good friend who just happens to be in the neighborhood…excellent question…can’t wait to hear your response

  2. I agree with you Angela. I didn’t think I would make it to your signing because of school related activities, but I chose the place of the meeting and prayed I would arrive before you left, just to say hello and so we can put a face to the person we are talking to on line.

    I fall into one of the categories listed by Yasmin. I already owned the book and it was autographed because I won it, when I wasn’t trying to. It still sounds funny to me.

    But it was good meeting you, and because you were their Rhonda was there who afterward invited me to an ACFW meeting. I’m going because it’s a topic that I really need being an aspiring author.

    I try not to ask the dread what do I need to do to become an author. I know the first part is to write, read about the business and research publishing houses and agents (if you so chose to seek one) I come to meet you and if I am planning on buying I come with my funds in hand and I will get the amount I need have them sighed.

  3. Book signings are absolutely about people. I’ll never forget the first signing I went to was for Dave Pelzer (A Child Called ‘It’ author). I really didn’t know what to expect since I had already read his book AND left it at home. I knew (or rather thought) I wasn’t gonna buy another one. But I had to meet him. And if you read the book, you know why. The focus was on everything EXCEPT the book. I enjoyed getting to know him as a person and picking up jewels about the industry also. Don’t you know, I bought 3 copies of his latest non-fiction YA release! And no, he didn’t pressure me, or even ask. I just wanted to support this man who was open, honest, and genuine.

    So it’s all about us when it comes to booksignings. Make us feel welcome and appreciated and the book sales will come.

  4. Hi Angela,
    Just finished your book last week and enjoyed it. Yes, book signings should be about the people who take the time to come see an author. I go to a lot of book signings (when will you ever get to the West Coast?) and it is really interesting to see how the author interacts and reading them when only a few people show up.

    I went to see a local author Sunday, Gail Tsukiyama, who I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with several years ago. She writes historical fiction about the Asian culture beautifully, she being of both Chinese and Japanese descent. The people in the audience told about how their book groups discussed her book and the different characters. At one point, Gail jokingly said, it’s just a book and one older lady said, no it is not just a book, your books tell us about a way of life. That said it all. Gail was overjoyed that her books touch people. Book signings are a time for the people and the author to come together on one accord.

  5. It is always about people. I have people come up to me and ask questions about “HOW I STARTED WRITING?” Many of the parents, bring their children over to see a “REAL AUTHOR”. I laughed the first time I heard that… Im am still new to the game.

    I think I sold 2-3 books per signing. But I met a lot of people and they wished me luck. LUCK… please buy a book. Then I will be Lucky! LOL! Oh well, I do notice that after a book signing, my Amazon sells go up a bit.

  6. I agree absolutely that signings are about people. I mean you think about presentation and make sure to have promo materials on hand and guestbook for contacts, but the people are readers. An author who doesn’t connect with their readers in some form or fashion will soon be extinct. Particularly in this economy.

    It was great to see you and meet your family. I hope mom and auntie weren’t too starved by the time I turned you loose.

  7. Thanks for all your comments.

    I know that God brings people into our lives for different reasons. This weekend He allowed my life to touch someone else’s in a very special way. I had never met her before but I know that God set-up the meeting. She had a need and He used me to give her some encouragement. We were both blessed.

    This happened at a store that I had been tempted to leave and not do the signing because of a series of administrative glitches. Had I left, I would have missed her. I’m so glad I didn’t leave.

    It’s not about the books, it’s about the people. Lesson learned.

    You know what — her name was Angela, too.

  8. It is about the people. I love going to booksignings, because its my chance to meet the author. I like taking my children, because they know my dream and I like them to see others living it.

    I try to buy a copy of the book even if I have it. I have it autographed to a friend. Why? Because it is about the readers, but its also about the book. A lot of bookstores won’t invite you back if you don’t meet their quota. So I always try to buy books.

    It always surprises me how many people come to a booksigning and they don’t buy a book.

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