Conference Season

I have a busy summer in front of me.  The good news is that it includes attending two great conferences: the Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC) and the Faith and Fiction Retreat.

Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC) is a local conference for me, as it’s held at the First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It starts at 11am on Friday, June 12 and ends around 4pm on Saturday, June 13.  The conference cost, including meals, is only $100.  The keynote speakers are Cecil Murphy and Vanessa Davis Griggs, people I know.

I met Cec years ago at a conference on St. Simons Island.  It was during his workshop session that I began developing the idea for what became The Amen Sisters.  In fact, I wrote the first draft of the article, Helping a Friend through the Trauma of Leaving an Abusive Church, during his session.  I respect him as a writer and teacher and look forward to his message.

I met Vanessa a couple of years ago but it feels as though I’ve known her longer. She’s one of the most encouraging and loving people I know, in addition to being a wonderful writer.  Her keynote is bound to inspire as well as teach. I look forward to it as well.

You can find out more about the Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC) here.

The Faith and Fiction Retreat will be my getaway for the summer.  It will be held in Orlando on July 16-19. Patricia Woodside has an excellent recap of last year’s event here.  This year, I’ll be a featured author alongside ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Tia McCollors and Tiffany Warren.

The schedule for the Retreat is jam-packed with sessions for readers and bookclubs and sessions for aspiring and established authors.  I’m especially looking forward to the late night book discussions with the featured authors.  That should be a lot of fun.

The Retreat is reasonably priced at $119. Actually, that price is a steal when you look at the agenda.  The hotel starts at $139 a night, not a bad price for the location especially if you share.  If you don’t have a sharing buddy, just let the conference organizers know and they’ll hook you up.

You can find out more about the Faith and Fiction Retreat here.  I hope to see you there!

NOTE: That picture has nothing to do with the Retreat.  It’s me and my mom in New Zealand several years ago.  I’ve given up on trying to find pictures that match the content of the post.  From now on, I’ll just share pictures that tell you something about me.

Southern Kentucky Bookfest

If you live in the Bowling Green, KY area, I invite you attend the Southern Kentucky Bookfest this Saturday, April 18, at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green.  It’s an all-day event that is FREE to the public.  There are over 150 authors and illustrators on the program, including Kevin Clash, aka Elmo!  In additon to more than 25 author panels, there will be a host of activities for children.  You can see/download the full program HERE.

I hope to see you there. It looks like we’ll have a good time!

Imani Book Club

I met with the Imani Book Club in Montgomery way back on September 27, 2008.  These ladies know they can dissect a book, but do you know what they do even better than that?  These ladies can throw down in the kitchen!  I thought I was at my momma’s house for a holiday meal.  You name it, they had it: Mac and cheese, green beans, ham hocks (yes, ham hocks!), chicken, salad, apple pie (or was it peach?).  All I know is that i was ALL good!

Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful discussion and a wonderful meal.

Motown Review Book Club

I had the honor of meeting with the Motown Review Book Club back in October 2008 when I was in  Detroit. I had great fun hearing the ladies opinions of my books and other books they were reading.  They read A LOT of books!

You can find out more about them on their myspace page and in an interview on APOOO.

Thanks, ladies of Motown, for hosting me. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get the photo up.

Summer Conference Fun!

I’m honored to be a featured author at this year’s Faith and Fiction Retreat in Orlando on July 16-19. This conference, founded and lovingly nurtured by author Tiffany Warren and her more than able assistant Kym Fisher, has an excellent reputation for being a great conference.

Other featured authors include Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Tia McCollors and Tiffany herself.  Conference events include everything from late night book discussions to book signings to panel discussions with 14 of your favorite inspirational writers to a fiery Sunday morning celebration.

Tiffany always chooses great sites for the Retreat and this year is no different.  You can come to the Retreat and then spend some play time in Orlando.  For details on registration, select here.

If you decide to attend, do let me know so that i can look for you there.  We’re going to have a great time!


I’ve been doing a few booksignings. This past weekend I had a couple.  I want to thank all the readers of this blog who showed up to spend some time with me–Sherri and Rhonda, especially folks I had only met online.   That’s you, Jennifer! 

I’ll blog later about the booksignings (and give more shout-outs) but I wanted to share something with you that was made clear to me again this weekend.

Booksignings are about people, not about books. 

If you know what I mean, give me a shout-out.  If you think I’m wrong, let me know why.

Thanks to my CFBA Blog Tour Hosts!

Last week (September 3-5) I participated in my first Christian Fiction Blog Alliance (CFBA) Blog Tour.  My publisher, HarperCollins, provided copies of Up Pops the Devil to somewhere around 50 – 60 CFBA reviewers who, in return, were to participate in the blog tour.  CFBA reviewers may post the generic review provided by CFBA or they can write their own personal review.  As of today, 62 CFBA reviewers have participated in the tour, with 14 of those reviewers providing personal reviews of Up Pops the Devil.

I would like to thank the reviewers who requested Up Pops the Devil for review.  A special thanks goes to the 62 who participated in the tour and my deep appreciation to the 14 who took the time to read Up Pops the Devil and provide a personal review. I apologize to those reviewers who haven’t yet received their copy of Up Pops the Devil or who received it too late to post a review during the tour.

In addition to getting Up Pops the Devil into the hands of readers who had never read me before, this tour also allowed me to get to know some new blogs and bloggers.  It’s been a great experience.  I’ve provided the list here so that you can check some of them out for yourself.  I’ll be updating the list over the coming weeks as new reviews of Up Pops the Devil are posted.


50 Reviewers from CFBA List

Alexis at Ramblings From Life

Amy at My Life (with review)

Andie at frommipov

Angela at One Baby, Seven Dogs, and a Mommy

April at Projecting A (with review)

April at Living In A State Of Constant Kansas

Bonnie at Bonnie Writes

Caleb at Reviews Plus+

Camy at Camy Tang

Carol at Blogging With Carol (with review)

Carolyn at Serenity

CeeCee at Book Splurge (with review)

Cheryl at Writing Remnants (with review)

Dave at Dave Rhoades

Dave at Novel Spotlight

Deanna at Deannna’s Corner (with review)

Debra at Soul Reflections

Deena at A Peek At My Bookshelf (with review)

Delia at Gatorskunkz And Mudcats

Erin at Life Around Here

Janis at The Nearsighted Bookworm

Janna at Cornhusker Academy (with review)

Jeni at Allen Family Circus

Jennifer at So Many Books…So Little Time

Karen at Mommy of Three (up, review coming later)

Karla at Ramblin’ Roads To Everywhere (not up yet)

Kelly at A Disciple’s Steps

Kelly at Scrambled Dregs (with review and interview)

Kim at Window To My World (with review)

Kristi at Stamped With Grace

Kristinia at Loving Heart Mommy

Kristy at I Need To Read

LaShaunda at See Ya On The Net

Leah at Ponderings From My Heart

Margaret at Creative Madness (up, review may be coming)

Marilynn at Rhythms of Grace (not up yet)

Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Author (up, review coming later)

Michelle at Just A Minute (up, in the sidebar)

Michelle at Michelle’s Great Blogs

Nora at Finding Hope Through Christian Fiction

Pam at Pam’s Private Reflections (up, review coming later)

Pam at Daysong Reflections (with review)

Rachelle at Stifled Squeal

Rel at Relz Reviewz

Rulan at Fiction Showcase

Sean at Bookmark Cafe

Tabitha at 123pizza’s Weblog

Takiela at Beauty 4 Ashes

Tara at Tara’s View Of The World (with review)

Ty at CB Reviews (with review)

14 Additional CFBA Reviewers I Found

Jill at Christian Work at Home Moms

Marcia at Writer-lee

Todd at A Place Called Fiction

Diane at Spunk on a Stick’s Tip

Jenny at My Buckling Bookshelf

Ashley at Ashley – A Daughter of the King

Laura at Laura Williams’ Musings

Patricia at Readin N Writin with Patricia (with review)

Georgiana at Georgiana Daniels

Trish at Books and Book Reviews

AmyAnne at Sprightly

Carolina Chritian Writers Blog

Christy at Split Ends

Brandy at Brandy Bruce

An Event, Some Good News and a New Contest

For those of you in the Charlotte, NC area, I’ll be in your stomping ground on Saturday, August 30 at 1p at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in (or near) the SouthPark Mall.  Come by and visit with me if you have some time. I’d love to see you.

In news that I’m still trying to get my mind around, Up Pops the Devil has been chosen the November African-American Book Club Pick for Books-A-Million. This is great news as it means Up Pops the Devil will be featured prominently in all Books-A-Million stores from September 1 through November 31.

If you follow this link, you’ll see that Victoria Christopher Murray’s Too Little, Too Late and  ReShonda Tate Billingley’s The Pastor’s Wife have been recent picks.  LIterary great Richard Wright had two picks.

This is the first time one of my books has been chosen for as a book club pick for a chain bookstore so I’m very excited about it.  Be sure to drop by your local Books-A-Million and look for it.

In fact, you can be my eyes and ears.  If you send me a photo of you in a Books-A-Million store next to the book display for Up Pops the Devil as the African-American Book Club Pick, I’ll post the photo on my blog and enter you in a contest to win a $15 Books-A-Million gift card.  Three GRAND PRIZE winners will be selected from the entries.  The contest will continue through September 31 and the winners will be announced on October 15.

You may submit your entry (or entries) via e-mail to me at the address HERE or you may submit via snail mail to Angela Benson, PO Box 868643, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0077.

Each entry should include your name (first name or nickname is sufficient) or the name of your group, a photo of you standing near the book display with a book in hand, and the location of the Books-A-Million store where the photo is taken.  All photos become the property of Angela Benson and will be posted on my blog at

I’ll probably run the contest again in November so if you don’t win this time, you’ll have another chance in November.

NOTE: This is the second version of this post.  My computer ate the first one and I’m sure it was much better than this one.  Trust me.

Now get to clicking those cameras.  I can’t wait to see your smiling faces on this blog!

Seven things I learned while on the Soul Expressions Tour

1. Harlequin is a good place to be.  They had four authors on the tour, three of whom started with Arabesque books in the mid-nineties around the time I did–Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers and Brenda Jackson.  These authors could write for any publishing house they want and they’ve chosen Harlequin.  That speaks volumes for Harlequin. 

2. HarperCollins is a good place to be.  Harper had three authors on the tour, including me.  I was the newbie beside New Yorks Times Bestseller Kimberla Lawson Roby and the perennial favorite Beverly Jenkins.  HarperCollins stepped up to the plate for us.  They hosted an online interview with us while we were on the road and they equipped Beverly with a video camera so she could record our stops.

3. New York Times Bestsellers come in all shapes and sizes.  Street lit author Wahida Clarke made the list and she’s only published three books, two of which were written while she was in prison.  Romance writer Brenda Jackson made the list and she’s published 56 books over about a 13-year period.  Women’s fiction author Kim Roby made the list and she self-published her first book.  Street lit author Vickie Stringer made the list and owns a publishing house.  Vickie also started writing while in prison.

4. Readers read across genres.  I sorta knew this but the tour drove the point home.  Readers who bought me, Victoria Christopher Murray and Marilynn Griffith also bought Vickie and Wahida as well as erotica author Allison Hobbs.  Of course, there were some readers who only wanted Wahida or Vickie, while others only wanted me, Marilynn or Victoria. Most of them though read widely though.

5. Authors are generous.  There were a lot of personal stories and business insights shared on this trip.  We talked about the pros-and-cons of being a Black Expressions main selection.  We shared tips on effective marketing and promotion.  We bought each others’ books.

6. Romance readers turn out for booksignings.  I’d guess that Brenda Jackson, Donna Hill, Rochelle Alers and Beverly Jenkins probably had the most readers visit them.  These readers had their full backlist so they’d been fans for a while. 

7. Publishing regularly and often has it benefits.  Brenda, Donna, Rochelle and Beverly are all wonderful writers but I think the fact that romance demands publishing multiple books a year comes into play in the characteristics of their readers.  These readers have gotten to know Brenda, Donna, Rochelle and Beverly through 15 years of books coming out multiple times a year (Rochelle will have 12 out next year!) so there’s a special relationship with them.  As an example, Brenda sponsors a cruise with her readers every two years.  A cruise!  Beverly Jenkins does weekend pajama parties with hers.

That’s all I can think of now. If I think of something else. I’ll start another list.

So how much of this did you already know and what was new to you?

UPDATE:  Marilynn Griffith has her list up HERE.  It’s well worth a read. 

More Soul Expressions Trip Notes

You know, I had planned to take a lot of pictures during the tour.  My plans went awry even before I left the airport.  Guess what I did?  I left my cell phone in the car.  Yes, that same cell phone I was going to use to take pictures.  As a result, I have no pictures.  Fortunately for you, others didn’t copy my mistake. 

Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews and her husband Charles came out to visit us at the Country Club Hills stop on Saturday.  They have pictures and a video

Jeanette blogged about her visit with us in Fort Wayne.  She and fellow members of the Motown Review Book Club drove all the way down from Detroit.

Author Marilynn Griffith blogged about the tour also.  Marilynn’s hometown paper did a great article on her and the tour.

If you’re in a listening mood, Beverly Jenkins, Kim Roby, me and a few other authors did a stint on blogtalkradio during our bus ride from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne. It’s only about 20 minutes.

And then there’s my recap HERE.

That should keep you busy. 

Quiz time: Can you find me in the pictures/video?  If so, what colors am I wearing?

UPDATE:  Check out Jeanette’s slideshow.

I’m back!

I’m back from the Soul Expressions Tour. I’m blogging today at Blogging in Black about my experience. Give me a day or two to catch my breath and I’ll be back to catch up on the posts here.

I also have a guest author coming this week.  You’re going to like her! 

Saturday Event CANCELLED!

Hi, everybody, I’m checking in from on the road.  I have to tell you that I’m having a great time meeting readers, signing books, and interacting with old author friends and making new ones.  I’ll post more on the trip when I get back.

I’m writing this post because of a schedule change in the Soul Expressions Author Tour.  Actually, this change occurred a while and I neglected to post it.  The Meet and Greet Reception that was to be held on Saturday evening at the Holiday Inn Matteson has been CANCELLED!

I apologize for the late notice but I wanted to let you know.

I look forward to talking with you when I get back but I’m off to bed now.

Be blessed!

The Tour Begins

The pace of the week steps up drastically today as I leave for the Soul Expressions Author Tour.  Today I leave for Indianapolis.  I’m taking my trusty-dusty iPod (and recorder) with me to record each day’s events.  I’m not taking my laptop so I won’t be able to blog each day, but I will give you a play-by-play when I get back.  Count on it.

I’m not going to leave you stranded while I’maway.  I’ve schedule a couple of posts for Thursday and Friday to hold you over until I get back. 

Thursday will be Open Mic Day for Readers.  That means you’re free to post Comments about anything that’s on your mind related to books and reading.  You can Comment on books you like, don’t like, the last book you read, the book you’re reading next, great web sites for readers, anything about reading.  You can even ask questions about my books, past and future.  The only restriction is that the questions should be from a reader’s perspective (and shouldn’t give away any major plot points of books!).

Friday will be Open Mic Day for Writers.  On this day the writer in you is free to post Comments and Questions related to writing.  I won’t be able to answer until next week, but you’re free to answer each other as you like.  We have some smart people visiting this blog, many of them published authors.  I”m sure they’ll help out.

One final treat for you.  If you’re around on Friday, you can catch me, Beverly Jenkins and Kimberla Lawson Roby on the road from the tour LIVE at 1:30pm on Blog Talk Radio (Romance Radio).  It’ll be archived in case you miss it.

That’s it.  Enjoy the rest of your week!  Here’s a quick run-down of the tour schedule. 

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On the Road – 2008 Soul Expressions Author Tour

I found this graphic for the 2008 Soul Expressions Author Tour that I’ll be a part of in August. You’ll notice that there are a variety of genres represented, with Up Pops the Devil and Rhythms of Grace, by one of this week’s guest bloggers, prominent in the mix. 

I hope to see you on the road so check out the dates below the image for a stop near you.


Thursday, August 7th INDIANAPOLIS area

10am – 11:15am, Wal-Mart in Lawrence, 10735 Pendleton Pike

2pm – 3:15pm, Wal-Mart in Fishers, 8300 East 96th Street

4:45pm – 6pm, Wal-Mart in Indianapolis, 3221 West 86th Street

Friday, August 8th NORTHERN INDIANA area

10am – 11:15pm, Wal-Mart in Fort Wayne, 7502 Southtown Crossing Blvd.

2:30pm – 3:30pm, Wal-Mart in South Bend, 3701 Portage Road

5pm – 6:15pm, Wal-Mart in Hammond, 1828 165th Street

Saturday, August 9th CHICAGO area

10am – 11:30am, Wal-Mart in Country Club Hills, 4005 West 167th Street

2:30pm – 3:30pm, Wal-Mart in Joliet, 2424 W. Jefferson Street

6:30pm- 9:00pm, Free Reception, Holiday Inn in Matteson, 500 Holiday Plaza Drive CANCELLED!!

Sunday, August 10th CHICAGO area

11:00 am- noon, Wal-Mart in Crestwood, 4700 W. 135th Street

3pm – 4:00pm, Wal-Mart in Lansing, 16771 Torrence Avenue

You may want to bookmark this page for easy reference.  You can also find the dates on my Event Calendar.

If you think you’re going to make it to a stop,  please comment on this post and let me know where on the tour I should expect you.

Radio and Internet Interviews

I’ve done my share of Radio and Internet interviews. They’re fun and the time usually passes quickly. Recently, I was a guest on Marsha Sumner’s show, Cross Talk Urban Style, on Heaven 1580AM. We talked for about an hour. She’s a wonderful host and I had a great time. Cross Talk Urban Style is a live call-in show that airs M-F from 10am-1pm ET. The first hour of each show is dedicated to books. You should take a listen when you have some time.

I’m scheduled to be on the Internet show, Sistah Confessions, on August 5 at 7pCT. Tifany Jones is the host. Tune in, if you can.

I hope to be on WWA Internet Radio, The World of Publishing, sometime soon. I’ve been on the show before and, as usual, had a great time. I was scheduled to be on back in May but I forgot and they were left with airtime that I was supposed to have filled. That was bad on my part. It’s about the worse thing you can do in radio. I hope the hosts forgive me and give me another chance, but I’ll certainly understand if they don’t. I really put them in a bad place.
UPDATE: They forgave me! I’m scheduled to do the show on September 29th at 7pCT/8pET.

I like being on these radio shows, but do you listen to them and how often? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know. I’m interested in what you think about traditional and Internet radio shows.

NOTE: All of these events are listed on my Event Calendar so you can keep track there.

2008 Soul Expressions Author Tour

Up Pops the DevilGood news!  I’ll be participating in the 2008 Soul Expressions Author Tour, where I’ll be signing copies of Up Pops the Devil.  The tour visits ten WalMart stores in the Indianapolis and Chicago areas during August 7-10.  I’ve posted the tour schedule on my Event Calendar.  I hope I get to see some of you at one or more of the events. 

The tour group consists of the following 13 authors (NOTE: I’m not sure why I’m listed as romance instead of fiction or Christian fiction):

Angela Benson, Up Pops the Devil (romance)

Beverly Jenkins, Jewel (historical romance)

Brenda Jackson, Just Deserts (romance)

Donna Hill, Chances Are (romance)

Earl Sewell, If I Were Your Boyfriend (young adult)

Geneva Holliday, Seduction (romance)

Kimberla Lawson Roby, One in a Million (fiction)

L. Divine, Drama High: Lady J (young adult)

Rochelle Alers, Taken By Storm (romance)

Seven, Gorilla Black (urban lit)

Wahida Clark, Payback is a Mutha (urban lit)

Victoria Christopher Murray, Too Little, Too Late (Christian fiction)

I was on NPR-Radio

Good news! Sandi Mallory, host of Morning Journey on NPR (WEAA-AM Baltimore), interviewed me yesterday morning. She had read the The Amen Sisters and contacted my publicist at Grand Central Publishing.  I enjoyed it, but I have a habit that I have to lose. I finish most my statements with, “if you know what I mean.” YIKES!  I must get ready for prime time.

The blog tour is over!

TAS Banner 2

The blog tour for The Amen Sisters officially ended this past week.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be telling you about some of the things I learned about myself and the process while on the road virtually. The key thing that I found out is while I read several blogs regularly, I rarely post.  Now this trait was problematic when I was touring because I had to post.  I have to tell you a secret: I didn’t like it.  At first. 

I dreaded those blogs that required me to log-in in order to comment.  Why?  It took time.  As the tour progressed though, I got more comfortable with posting and began to enjoy it.  I also thought about you out there reading this blog.  Are you going to post a comment?  Why or why not? 

I’m going to issue a challenge.  I have a counter that tells me approximately how many unique site visitors I get each day.  The commenters are less than 1-2% of that number.  My challenge is for everyone reading this post to post a comment. You don’t have to log-in.  Just post your comment and let me know why you do or don’t comment often at the blogs you visit.

I want to say a special thanks to Patricia at and L. Nuchell at for hosting me last week even though I didn’t provide them with any materials to post.  They took better care of me than I took of myself.

I also want apologize to those who offered to host me but I never contacted.  I really do need an assistant to help me manage my two lives. 

I am very grateful to Cheryl and Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book Promotion for organizing this tour. It never would have happened without them. 

Enjoy your weekend!

If you missed any of the tour, you can catch up here:

Dec 26The Book Connection

Dec 27Dude, Where’s My Muse?

Dec 28A Book Blogger’s Diary

Jan 7 – Readin n Writin with Patricia 

Jan 8You Don’t Know Jack BlogTalkRadio

Jan 9Amber Miller

Jan 10L. Nuchell Books

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Happy Holidays!

TAS Banner 2It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I wanted to take some time to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.  I encourage you to do two things. 

First, show and tell the people in your life how much they mean to you.  Sometimes we feel that our actions are so powerful that we don’t need words.  At other times we believe our words are so powerful they don’t need to be backed up with action.  Don’t believe either.  The people we care about need both. I know I do.

Second, show some love to someone who’s not so close to you.  You never know what people are going through so you should never underestimate the power of a smile and a kind word.  These are very inexpensive gifts so give them often!


I’ve sent gift certificates and autographed books to all the contest winners.  If you were a winner and you haven’t received your prize, please let me know.  I’m on holiday right now, but I’ll follow-up after Christimas.


The blog tour for The Amen Sisters is winding down. I’ve learned a lot from this experience that I’ll be sharing with you next year.   There are a few stops left if you want to join us:

Dec 26The Book Connection

Dec 27Dude, Where’s My Muse?

Dec 28A Book Blogger’s Diary

Dec 31 Giveaway Day

January Dates

Jan 7 – Readin n Writin with Patricia

Jan 8You Don’t Know Jack BlogTalkRadio

Jan 9Amber Miller

Jan 10L. Nuchell Books

If you want to catch up on previous stops, here’s the list:

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Blog Tour Update!

TAS Banner 2The blog tour for The Amen Sisters is now one week old and the first week has been wonderful!  Many thanks to the hosts and hostesses who allowed me to visit and a special thanks to those I’ve met on the tour.

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See you in Montgomery!

The Imani Book Club Presents…An Evening with the Authors

When:  Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time:  7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Where:  Pete Peterson Lodge 2635 Gunter Park Drive, Montgomery, Alabama

This will be an intimate setting for book lovers and authors to come together, celebrate, support African-American literature from all genres and bring a positive event to Montgomery.  The Imani Book Club invites you to come and enjoy an evening of literature.

This event is free to the public and to the authors.

For details, visit

The Fabulous Fiction Function!

Fiction Function
The lovely ladies above and I attended the 5th Annual Walk Worthy Press Fiction Function in Detroit on this past Saturday, December 3. The event was, as the kids would say, totally off the chain. I was blessed beyond description. There were about 250 readers in attendance along with five Walk Worthy authors, Denise Stinson (Walk Worthy publisher), Peggy Hicks (Walk Worthy publicist), a staff of wonderful women from Borders, and a blessed and highly talented set of actors. I wish you all could have been there. We had singing and praying and acting and eating and encouraging and gift-giving and all the other good stuff that happens when people gather to serve God. It was a wonderful time. All I can say is that you should have been there. It was a blessing to meet so many readers and to see how much they valued and appreciated Christian fiction.

If you were there, share some of your thoughts on the event so that the folks who couldn’t make it can be blessed through you.

If you weren’t there, you can try to name the authors in the picture. And you have to name their most recent book as well. Let’s go–left to right.

Detroit – Holiday Fiction Function

Saturday, December 3, 2005, NOON- 2:00pm
Walk Worthy Press Holiday Fiction Function
Hosted by Borders Booksellers
Held at Eastlake Baptist Church
2400 E. Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48215

See You in Detroit!

I’ll be in Detroit on Friday night (12/2) and Saturday afternoon (12/3). If you’re in the area, please come and visit with me. Here are the details:

Friday, December 2, 6:00-8:00pm ET
Shrine of the Black Madonna
13535 Livernois Ave.
Detroit, MI 48238

Saturday, December 3, 2005, 1-3p ET
Walk Worthy Press Holiday Fiction Function
Hosted by Borders Booksellers
Held at Eastlake Baptist Church
2400 E. Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48215

Atlanta – Sign and Dine

Booking Matters, sign & dine
Thursday, October 13, 7:00pm
Copeland’s Restaurant – Buckhead
3365 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
Bookseller: B’s Books & More