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If you attended the Faith and Fiction Retreat this past weekend in Destin, FL, I’d love to hear about it. I’m sorry I missed it.  So details please!  You can post here as Comments or drop me an e-mail if you want to do a full-fledged conference report.  I welcome both.

UPDATE 3:  Ty has an excellent recap of the Retreat as well.  She even has pictures. See HERE.

UPDATE 2:  Patricia shared her Retreat experience HERE. You know, I think I’m breaking a commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy fellow bloggers’ Retreat experiences.

UPDATE 1: Rhonda McKnight blogs about her time at the Faith and Fiction Retreat HERE.  It’s great reading.

I couldn’t wait for Rhonda’s post.  I had to call the Retreat sponsor and founder, author Tiffany Warren.  I kept the poor woman on the phone for about an hour.  I got the scoop though.  This conference is on my list for next year.  It’s about time for me to become a regular conference-goer again.  I think my last one was RWA in 2001.  It was in Houston.

What conferences do you attend regularly and why?

7 thoughts on “Faith and Fiction Retreat

  1. Faith and Fiction was great. I had a wonderful time. Loved meeting all the authors I’d never met before and seeing those I knew again. I think the highlights of the weekend were as follows:
    1) The wonderful conference site and accomodations. My group was fortunate to have a ocean view room, ten stories up, so it was gorgeous. 2) Meeting Reshonda Tate Billingsley was just the best. She is soooooooooo unbelievably funny and very sweet at the same time.
    3) Seeing Victoria Christopher Murray is always a blessing.
    4) Reshonda and Victoria held a session for writers about the book business and it was the best information I’ve ever had.
    5) I really enjoyed the night book club chats. As an upcoming author, it was great to hear bookclubs chat about books, fascinating really.

    I won’t miss it next year. I’m going to start saving my money so when the time comes money isn’t an issue. I’ll blog about it on Wednesday and post some pictures, too. Visit me at

  2. Angela,

    I haven’t attended many conferences. I went to ACFW in 2006 and participated in Lashaunda Hoffman’s online conference in 2007 I think. Next year our writer’s group is having a one day mini-conference and then I’ll go to Faith and Fiction. I’d like to go to the Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference or Sandy Cove one year, but I don’t think it’s necessary right now. There’s so much craft I can still learn from books and author blogs and such. I think I’ll go when I need to network more.

  3. Gotta second Rhonda’s take on the Faith and Fiction retreat. It was a blasst and such a blessing! It was heartwarming to be in a place with so many like-minded, like-spirit women. We laughed with, encouraged, and enjoyed one another like nobody’s business!

    My post on the retreat is up on my blog today.

    (And watch out Angela, because I’ve tagged you in Saturday’s post for the Book Buzz thing that’s going around.)

    (You too, Rhonda!)

  4. Rhonda and Patricia,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences! I’m going to have to take Rhonda’s suggestion to save my $$ so I can attend next year too!


  5. I enjoyed myself! Loved rooming with Patricia who is absolutely fun to be around. Met a lot of folks in person for the first time. I’m behind, but I should have pics and a blog post up this weekend.

  6. I so wanted to attend this year. My sister is getting married next month, so I had to keep the funds for that.

    I do have it on my list for next year.

    I’ve never attended a Christian conference so I would like to attend one.
    I hope to attend the ACFW conference one day too.

    I’ve been to the Slam Jams.

    The conferences I put on for SORMAG is the closes I get to a writers conferences.

    I plan on hosting the conference in 2009 so if anyone wants to offer a workshop, contact me, so I can get started on that.

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