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I’m blogging today at FreshFiction.com. The topic is siblings. I originally wrote this piece back in December when I did my blog tour for The Amen Sisters. I’ve revised it a bit to include Up Pops the Devil.

You know, siblings are getting to be standard in my work. Francine and Dawn in The Amen Sisters. Preacher and Loretta and Barnard and Natalie in Up Pops the Devil. The manuscript I’m working on now has siblings, a son born within the marriage and a son and daughter born outside the marriage.

One of the reasons I have so much fun with siblings is that I have such a good relationship with my brother.  It’s a good relationship but not without its bumps.  I was talking to him on the phone the other day and I told him that there were times I had stopped speaking to him, but he hadn’t realized it. He started to laugh, really hard. When he finally piped down, I asked him what the laughter was about. He laughed again before telling me that he had stopped speaking to me, too, but I hadn’t realized it. Isn’t that a kicker? Now it’s your turn to laugh. It’s even funnier when you think that my brother and I talk multiple times a week.

Now that you know about me and my brother, tell me about you and your sibling(s). And don’t be surprised if you find yourself in one of my upcoming books.

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  1. My name is Brenda, and I have three sisters. Linda is the quiet one, we all have to check on her frequently to make sure everythings going great. She lost her 26 year old son two years ago October first. He drowned in a boating accident, and I think Linda is fragile at this time in her life. She is getting married next month to a wonderful man, Eddie. Rosetta is the needy sister. Still dependant on the parents, even though she has a career as a nurse, and a husband. Tracy, the youngest of us all. Tracy tends to take on the mother role, even though our parents are living. She is the protector. I cannot recall a time that we sisters have fought. That’s where I enter into the picture. I keep the peace and harmony. I have the get-togethers and cookouts. I’m giving,giving, and giving because I have no children, and it is part of my enjoyment and happiness to help if I can.
    I had a kidney transplant 24 years ago and the entire family has been supportive. My mother was the donor…bless her heart. She is doing wonderful, at the age of seventy-one. We all were raised in the church as Primitive Baptist. My sisters and I keep the faith and as sisters we are solid.

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