Happy Holidays!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I really have no real excuse. But I do have a few excuse possibilities:

1. I’ve been settling into my new job. I’m enjoying the new job a lot so the settling in has’t been painful. Just time-consuming.

2. I’ve been breaking in a new computer. I have a new laptop (paid under $500 at Office Depot) so I’ve had to transfer all my data from the old machine. I made the mistake of not transferring the cookies and passwords so it hasn’t been easy getting into all my password-protected sites, including this one.

3. I’ve actually taken some time to do some reading. I read (and LOVED) Tiffany Warren’s Farther than I Meant to Go, Longer than I Meant to Stay. If you’re looking for “big girl” angst, you must read this book. Tiffany holds up a mirror and allows us to see ourselves, on the outside and the inside. It was a great book! I also read ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s “No More Drama,” another young adult inspirational story from the publisher of Jacquelin Thomas’s Divine series of young adult Christian fiction stories. I enjoyed it and so did my niece. We’re both eagerly awaiting the next young adult titles by both Ms. Billingsley and Ms. Thomas. I characterize the Thomas books as Christian fiction and the Billingsley books as more inspirational fiction. Read them and let me know what you think.

4. I travelled for the Thanksgiving holidays so I was out of town for a while. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I spent a lot of my time being thankful for the life that God has given me. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my life is that the life God gives you is the best life you can have. I appreciate more each day the family he gave me, the people He’s placed around me , the opportunities He’s afforded me, and the hope He’s instilled in me. I have a good life and I don’t ever want to take it for granted. I also don’t want to forget why it’s a good life–because He’s directing it (when I’m not trying to take back the reins, that is). That’s the only reason.

As we moved into Christmas and the new year, I wish you all the hope of Christ. A friend blessed me with a story of a recent trial in her life, and while I can’t share it all with you, I can tell what I learned from it: What God provides is enough. It may not look like enough and it may not feel like enough, but is it. Think about the fishes and loaves that fed the 5000. Who would have thought the little they had was enough to feed all those people? They did, but they never would have known that they did if they hadn’t started feeding people with the little they had. That’s exactly what we have to do. We have to move in what we have and trust God that it’s enough. Our job is to believe; His job is to deliver. And He always does. Every time. Look back on your life. You know I’m telling the truth. Praise God!

I love you with the love of the Lord. Keep your hope in Him.

Happy Holidays!


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