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divineI don’t normally endorse books on this blog. One of the reasons is that I have a lot of writer friends and I’d feel badly if I endorsed one person’s book and didn’t endorse another’s. I’m going to break my rule today and talk about a new book by Jacquelin Thomas, Simply Divine, her first young adult Christian fiction title. Simply Divine is an important book because there aren’t a lot of books targetted at this group of youngsters. I’ve already purchased a copy for myself and my niece. Why don’t you pick up a copy or purchase one for a young lady you know? I hope to discuss the book with my niece when we finish so that should be good.

Note that Simply Divine is the first in a series of YA books that Jacquelin is doing. The next one is titled, Divine Confidential, and will be out in February.

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  1. Christian, multicultural YA? Nothing like that existed when I was in that age range. But I’ve got a few nieces who might find this in their Christmas stocking! Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. These titles certainly sound great for Christian books. I’ll see if I can find a copy. Which age group exactly would you suggest it for–about 14-16?

    I have no nieces left that young but I know a Ghanaian girl, my mother’s namesake who’s getting into her teens. She has two younger brothers. Anything Christian for that age group, maybe at least one multicultural?

    Well, when I was a teen they had a few Christian novels. Once you got older, bang you hit a brick wall. Nothing at all as far as Christian books went. Readers couldn’t help but get into “worldly” books and I know my aunt’s parents were even against Christian fiction. My pastor just admitted to enjoying playing some games and reading books other than theology. He’s nearing 70.

  3. I read both Simply Divine by Jacqueline Thomas and Nothing But Drama by ReShonda Tate Billingsley. I loved them. And so did my teenage daughters. At first they groaned when I brought them the books because they thought they’d be boring, Christian reads. Both girls agreed they werent. They loved the drama and how the books kept their interest. I just bought ReShonda’s second book, Blessings in Disguise and can’t wait for Jacqueline’s next book. And I agree with your assessment that Jacqueline is more Christian and ReShonda’s more inspirational.

  4. To God be the Glory!
    I just launched a new christian book sales company. My budget did not allow me to be able to afford a retail space, but then God told me that He is doing something unique with my ministry. My sister called me from NY and gave me your name and website. She said if I don’t sell anyone else’s books, i must sell yours. I purchased Amen Sisters for myself. I read like I drink water, so I’ll be done quick 🙂 Wish me blessings, on the new venture – it is scary…three books sold so far – but I know that the number “3” represents great things, so I trust our Heavenly Father.

    I was blessed by your website, blogs…and everything. I learned alot as well.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

    Terri Smalls

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