I was on NPR-Radio

Good news! Sandi Mallory, host of Morning Journey on NPR (WEAA-AM Baltimore), interviewed me yesterday morning. She had read the The Amen Sisters and contacted my publicist at Grand Central Publishing.  I enjoyed it, but I have a habit that I have to lose. I finish most my statements with, “if you know what I mean.” YIKES!  I must get ready for prime time.

6 thoughts on “I was on NPR-Radio

  1. Hi Angela,

    Congratulations on the interview! Here’s the radio station web site in case others are curious like I am. 🙂 http://www.weaa.org As for how you end your sentences, “Now you know…and knowing is half the battle!” (I didn’t realize that was from G.I. Joe until I did a bit of ‘Net surfing.)

    Joy to you!
    Angela, your neighbor to the north

  2. Congratulations Angela! How long did the segment last? I like the thoughtful discussions with authors that air on NPR.


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