My Spelman Sisters

Last year about this time I wrote the post, Friends and Time, in which I talked about a summer retreat that I went on in Tennessee each July with some of my college friends.  Well, I didn’t make it this year because of some critical work items that I had to get done.  In fact, four of us didn’t make it this year, meaning that only four of us were present.

I really hated to miss the trip but I didn’t see anyway around it.  As a show of good faith and love, I sent my sisters autographed copies of Up Pops the Devil.  Yes, I admit it, I was trying to soften the blow of my bad news.  Though disappointed, my sisters were gracious.

Do you know what those wonderful women did?  They called me tonight and said they were ready for Book Club meeting.  They each had read Up Pops the Devil and wanted to discuss it with me.  Can you believe that? What a loving thing for them to do.

I wasn’t home when they called and when I called back they didn’t answer.  They were watching Kung Fu Panda, a movie I’m sure I would have vetoed had I been there.  But I digress. 

I called back a bit later and we had a great conversation about the book and our host’s new home.  Our book talk just reinforced how the book is mere tool, just as I am.  As I listened to the insights they got from the book, many times I thought to myself “I wish I had thought of that when I was writing the story.” They found symbolism and meaning in what I had written that I hadn’t even seen myself.  All I could say was, “Go on, God.” 

I’m sorry that I missed our retreat but I’m blessed to have those women in my life.  I pray I’ll be there next year. I can’t wait to see my friend’s new house. She designed it herself and from the description they gave me, it’s perfect for her and for our retreats. 

I cherish my relationship with those women.  I’d love to hear about the special friendships in your life.

UPDATE: I didn’t know when I made this post, but August 1 is National Girlfriends Day. (Thanks, Marilynn!) In celebration of my girlfriends and yours, I want to share this poem that I found on the Redhatters website. 

Happy National Girlfriends Day!

7 thoughts on “My Spelman Sisters

  1. Angela,

    Aren’t good girlfriends great?! Sounds like you have true blue buddies, praise the Lord.

    I’m also an AUC grad and the sistafriends that I met at Clark Atlanta are the best! We try to get together as often as we can, support each other in our aspirations and keep each other lifted up in prayer. They also hold me accountable in my writing endeavours and that is a blessing.

  2. Hi Angela,

    What a great tradition. My family just got back from our family reunion in Tennessee (no one in the family is from there – we justed wanted to go someplace different). It was beautiful! Hopefully next year you will be able to make it!

    I didn’t go to a HBCU so I didn’t form any bounds with my Engineering classmates, as I was the only female in most of my classes! I think you are very fortunate to have had such an opportunity!


  3. My story is more like Rosalind’s. How wonderful that you have such lifelong friendships.

    Don’t hate on Kung Fun Panda. You’re probably a bit nauseous because of all the marketing that was done, which was decidedly over the top. But give it a try. It’s actually a very good movie with a nice message. Maybe not quite as good as The Lion King or Toy Story but I’d put it up there with those.

  4. That’s so great. I don’t really have any girl friends like that. I guess either I’m not a good friend or I haven’t found the right person to be friends with.

    But on a more positive note, i received your book today, and I can’t wait to snuggle up with it.

  5. Yeah, they are a great bunch of women and I know I’m blessed to have them in my life.

    A big AUC shout-out to all my AUC sisters.

    I know how you ladies feel who didn’t go to HBCU. I was in a Dual Degree Program so I spent three undergrad years at Spelman and two at Georgia Tech. I really do think Dual Degree students fared better at Tech than minority students who began at Tech. I still remember some of the horror stories they told.

    Many, if not most, of my HBCU peers came from schools where they were in the minority and then went on to do graduate work at majority institutions. Spelman was the perfect “middle passage” for them.

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