Winners Announced and Three New Contests Begin

It’s time for our final drum roll in the Another Book Giveaway contest.  Ready? 

Drum roll, please.

The winners are:

1)  Angie Poole

2) Ty

3) Rosiland

Congratulations to the winners!  Each will receive an autographed copy of Up Pops the Devil.  Winners, please email your mailing address to me using the address HERE.

New Contests

Now that one contest ends, another THREE begin.  Yes, you read it right, THREE.

Win a Bag of Books

“Win a Bag of Books” Contest is being run by two different sites as two separate contests, with three winners being selected from each site.  The sites are located at (runs through the month of August) and (runs through August 15).  You’re welcome to enter both contests.

Review Postings and Sightings

The new Review Postings and Sightings Contest will run through August 31.  All you have to do to enter is Comment on this message with the URL of a review, discussion or even a mention of Up Pops the Devil

You can also write a review of the book on and post a Comment here that you’ve done so.  If you have some news about Up Pops the Devil that isn’t found online, you can include it as your Comment here and that will serve as your entry.  

FIVE lucky winners each will receive their choice of a $10 gift certificate OR any item(s)  (total value of $15 or less) from my Online Store.

Contest for Book Clubs Only!

If you’re a member of a Book Club, don’t forget the Book Club Contest.  Scroll down until you see Contest #2.

If you haven’t already done so, you can join the For Book Clubs Only mailing list HERE.  Scroll down until you see Mailing List for Book Clubs.

Happy Reading!

8 thoughts on “Winners Announced and Three New Contests Begin

  1. I beleive authors are some the greatest tools that God uses to speak to me. Thank you.
    God bless,

  2. In 1931 director Edward Sutherland wrote a movie with the same title “Up Pops the Devil” about a man who quit his job to become a novelist & his wife is not trying to hear that. Fast forward seventy-seven years to 2008 author Angela Benson writes a book titled the same and the women in Wilford “Preacher” Winters life is drawing a deaf ear to his repentance. After serving prison time Preacher decides to give up his life and give his heart to the Lord. Semi-same premise but delivered in 2 different styles. The play I believe was a comedy but this book is far from comedic. This novel is about God’s unconditional love but we will get to the later on in the review.

  3. Above is part of my review posted on Amazon for the “Win a Bag of Books” contest…

    I wish I could comment right from my Google Reader –


  4. I got your post, Missy. Thanks for the review. Thanks, too, for that detail on the play. I didn’t know all of that.

    To everybody else: You don’t have to re-post your review here as Missy did. You can just tell me where I can find it. I don’t want you to have to do double-duty. 🙂

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