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I’ve done my share of Radio and Internet interviews. They’re fun and the time usually passes quickly. Recently, I was a guest on Marsha Sumner’s show, Cross Talk Urban Style, on Heaven 1580AM. We talked for about an hour. She’s a wonderful host and I had a great time. Cross Talk Urban Style is a live call-in show that airs M-F from 10am-1pm ET. The first hour of each show is dedicated to books. You should take a listen when you have some time.

I’m scheduled to be on the Internet show, Sistah Confessions, on August 5 at 7pCT. Tifany Jones is the host. Tune in, if you can.

I hope to be on WWA Internet Radio, The World of Publishing, sometime soon. I’ve been on the show before and, as usual, had a great time. I was scheduled to be on back in May but I forgot and they were left with airtime that I was supposed to have filled. That was bad on my part. It’s about the worse thing you can do in radio. I hope the hosts forgive me and give me another chance, but I’ll certainly understand if they don’t. I really put them in a bad place.
UPDATE: They forgave me! I’m scheduled to do the show on September 29th at 7pCT/8pET.

I like being on these radio shows, but do you listen to them and how often? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know. I’m interested in what you think about traditional and Internet radio shows.

NOTE: All of these events are listed on my Event Calendar so you can keep track there.

4 thoughts on “Radio and Internet Interviews

  1. I do listen to these sites but I find it hard to keep up with them on a regular bases. I usually go to blog talk radio and search for someone of interest; to see if they done any interviews. So, I’m not listening live, but better late than never. I’m working on my first novel, so listening to the authors interviews are helpful, as well as inspiring.

  2. Angela I just read your excerpt from ‘Up Pops the Devil’ and I want to read the whole book!!! As soon as I get a job I’m buying this!

    This new book is one we need to give to all our ‘newly saved’ friends and church members because they need a glimpse into how satan works in an individual’s life.

    You Go, Girl!!!

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